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Rainbow Eye

A virus that causes your eye to change all different shades of color. It also will change the view you perceive the world. It will let you see the world in all-new colors.

Transmission & Vectors

You get it from a virus that seems to be able to travel on the light. It gets into the eye by you seeing it. In a way, it's attached to the light as it is received by your eye. Within the eyes, it infects the retina and iris.


At first, your eyes just slowly started changing color and the world will seem sharper or out of focus or normal for the first couple of days. After that, your eyes will change to all different types of color, and you'll be seeing the world in a different color. You can see the day and purple one day it could be read the other and it's like putting a filter over your eyes and looking through it over that Pacific color. Now the sharpness and fuzziness of your eyes go back to normal. This phase can last a couple of weeks to a few months where you'll wake up each day with a different color, I'm different outlook. Eventually, it will start changing color randomly and rapidly. The same goes for what you see in the world. The change will go from Days to hours, to minutes. To wear your irises, look like they are multi-color aspects just constantly changing. This does put a strain on your head trying to understand the world that seeing. You will end up with migraines almost every day. Your vision will be tired and weaker from all the change. There have even been cases where your dreams start being influenced by this. That is because your brain has been programmed know to expect the world like it. So you end up with a lack of sleep.


The treatment is Eye drops known as blue sage sight. You take for 2 weeks straight. Well, clear it right up until may take more doses and a longer time. The longer you have had it. To make it you need mineral oil polyethylene glycol, polyvinyl alcohol, propylene glycol, tear from a blue path, and sage needles grass.

Affected Groups

It will affect any living animal that can see in color. The more color you see in the easier it is to come down with.


Most like you are near a lay line of light. it also the most common place to catch this illness. It is the only time in history when several people have gotten it.


A long time ago A Singer name Chloe Sivan contracted the disease. Instead of getting rid of the disease. She decided to keep it. She uses it by changing her performance name too. The eyes are Color. She gave us several songs about seeing the world from different perspectives. She used this condition to benefit her career. It gave her pretty eye coloring without magic. Also, in her song writing we came on with unique and interesting lyrics. They were about the way she saw the world and how it made her feel. With all of this, she became a hit. but after several years it became harder and harder for her to perform. Severe headaches and migraines were getting to her but she kept pushing on. Until one day she woke up could understand what she was perceived. That because the world kept changing it so fast it was hurting her brain so now she couldn't see and her Brian felt like it was on fire. She gave in start to take the medicine. It took over half a year of treatments to get her better. Chloe is the longest person in history to have had this disease over 50 years.

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