Neukra Blockage

Neukra Blockage is a disease that messes with the brain's neural net and the conjunction with the chakra system. making it where it either is not getting enough energy to Pacific point on both the new row and chakra network that mirror each other or create a blockage.

Transmission & Vectors

There's only two ways to get this. one is just you're born with it. the other is some kind of head injury involving a large amount of energy.


Depending on what part of the brain the blockage or has weak area is in. The most common ones turn to be the one that involves one of your 5 senses. That's because they are more tied to both networks. It messes with the connection between the neural net and the chakra network in side the brain.
  • Neukra Blockage Vis is the most common one to get. you could get Color blindness, color mix, blurry vision blindness all types of different ways though see. This message was brain Interpretate what your eyes see. some people don't get it later or not at all. just because of how perceived the world does not have an effect on them. everyone points out an object that is red. and they see pink but still called red. I know they're the problem or a difference.
  • Neukra Blockage Feel is the second most common and the hard to diagnose. that's because all of its symptoms are similar to a lot of different diseases. it messages with how you feel about the world around you or makes you feel nothing. So it can make you feel pain and other  Sunsations in your body. it can also change the way certain things feel to touch this one has a very variety of ideas of things it can do to your sense of touch. but all this has other diseases that are more simple and easier to find or diagnose. So for example let's say you have numbness in a part of your leg. most doctors scan the leg. they aren't going to think about scanning the head. So it's sadly gose unnoticed and untreated for a long time.
  •  Hear This one deals with your hearing it can make it sound fuzzy I set the volumes or even go completely deaf. This one is a bit more easier to diagnose same with the next one
  • Neukra Blockage Tast and smell This one are kind of the same just one smell one taste. They both can make you Not how the ability to smell or taste. That it tends to make you think that stuff tastes like other stuff or everything taste the same. the same thing goes for smells. The reason these two are put together. Is that they can affect each other and are very similar and in their symptoms


The most effective treatment is to use surgery to remove the blockage and then to use Nessa EMA  to regulate and keep the area unblocked. With the surgery, you had and a little device will correct the issue and get most of the normal function back to the user. this is about 90% effective I'm 80% of the patients.

Affected Groups

Any living creature that has a chakra and neutral net that are connected can get this.


Not to get hit in the head by Energy or Magick. It's more just a luck drawl about 1 out 500 people have this in some form and half don't know it.

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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