Natural resistance different

Natural resistance differentiations , or better known as NRD, is a condition they'd rarely harm the individual but does make then abnormal from the rest of their species. The gods made sure that species had resistance to the magical world around them. For example the high elves have a natural resistance too light type magic with a weakness to dark type magic. An elf that has an NRD, might be born with a natural resistance to fire with a weakness to water.


The cause is unknown, but it appears to be a natural mutation created in the body. With all the research being done there is very little evidence to prove now this is something that will become a problem down the line. We are not sure if it's genetic or hereditary. There have been similar cases that have seemed to go down some family lines, but this is extremely rare.


For this condition people with NRD realize it at a very young age. Well, other people in their cities may have a resistance to fire they may have a resistance to water or to ice. Most that are born with this condition find out Early in life. The only symptom is that you will have a different weakness and resistance to the natural elements than others of your species.


Since this condition is not life-threatening nor does any physical or mental harm to those who have had it most people do not plan to research how to stop it. Your life has not changed to a great extent by having these different magical weaknesses or resistance.

There have been a few societies that have sought treatment for this condition but Sady due to the rare condition and the extent of this condition those that have tried to cure it usually end up failing and doing more harm than good just all involved.

Affected Groups

Almost every species on the planet could be affected by this condition. The human species does have a base resistance or weakness given to them by the gods, due to this even if they had NRD we would not know it.

Cultural Reception

Most kings, oh crap civilizations, and cultures are mostly fine with this condition since it does not do the damage other conditions do to the people it affects. This phenomenon is simply a genetic variant to some that do not need to be corrected and just add more to the daily life of those around them. They do not require extra care and attention from those around them which makes this condition almost nonexistent to some.

There are a few settlements or kingdoms that do not see this as I genetic mutation that can be simply lived with. They see this as a taint for the person who has this condition or betrayal of the gods themselves. one known settlement was an Aquadian settlement that believed if you have owned any other natural resistance than that of water you must have lost favor with the Goddess Mizu and therefore must be banished at the age of adulthood. As a child, those affected with this condition were treated poorly and given fewer resources to survive. Due to this most were willing to leave long before they reached the age of adulthood.

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