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Magic Sense

similar to energy sense Magic Sence are used to seeing the magical aura. it is the arcane user way of enhancing energy sense


It works to enhance the sight of the user where they able to see people aura and item that been enchanted or have a magical power source. they tell what type element is if some using or reading fire spell they will be the ability to tell. but if not activating a spell they don't know what energy they use. they can get a great idea how strong someone is magical. know on an item it helps them figure out what the ideal dose. it will tell at first what type energy and how strong it is


learn to use your magical power


it mostly sprits base but all most every mage has it

Gestures & Ritual
most people but the hands up to there eyes to focus on it. know there are sources that can just be activated like nothing.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
2min per lv
Effect Casting Time
1 stander action
what you can see clearly stuff in the distance you see the aura but not make it out

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