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Luk Cat (Lu-k C-at)

You've heard the phrase "Don't let a black cat cross your path, or a black cat will bring you bad luck."  This saying came from this breed of cat. Luk cat could be said to be the familiars of luck.   This is a small feline who is magically gifted with luck. The cat is known to cause bad luck to almost everyone and anything around it. It is mostly small events of bad luck like falling over at the wrong moment, someone turning around to catch you in the midst of an illegal act, or other little things like that. If you are lucky enough that the cat likes you and builds a bond with you, it causes good luck for the person as the luck is inverted.   This is the cat of luck. So what side of luck are you on?

Basic Information


The Luk Cat is solid black sporting four legs and two tails. It has 23 toes with 10 normally on the back two paws,  7 on the left front paw, and 11 on the right front paw. It has two eyes. The right one is usually green, while the left has no Pupil but rather a number 1 to 6 in a circle. Two pointed ears on top of the head.

Biological Traits

Special abilities of the Luk Cat. The first one that is most well known is their luck aura. they seem to have the ability to affect the full outcome of something or Make a series of events happen. we don't know how far they affect works but we assume as long as the cat is in the vicinity of you it could affect you. The second is its attack ability there it will shoot salt at you. it will sting A little and then the second effect will take over. I suggest dodge it's most likely something's coming down or something big is coming at you watch out. Now there is a way to make this work for you if you can dodge it and make it go over your left shoulder something good will happen here but you got to be quick at it to make it work right. The last ability which we can still barely confirm is that has some form of time magic. Luk Cat is able to slow down or speed itself up we're not sure but and it's very hard to catch or attack this creature. is like space and time bent to it but at the same time doesn't want to hear. We think only do this for six min at a time or day

Genetics and Reproduction

They can reproduce with any normal cat, however every six years of their life they gave birth to another Luk Cat. It is always born on a Duleday, the second day of the week, and in the litter, there is only one of them the rest of the litter are just normal Kittens. Sometimes the rest of the litter could come out early but the Luk Cat will stay in there until Duleday. The rest of the kittens will look like a mix between the father and the mother fur coats but the Luk Cat will always be solid black.

Additional Information


It seems to be very domesticated. like any other cat likes having humans' weight on at hand and foot. now the big difference between a normal cat and Luk Cat is that you can train a normal cat to like you. while a Luk Cat will pick who they want to be living with and if you try to force them you will have extremely bad luck until they are free. The reason people try to keep the Luk Cat is that it gives one it cares for a lot of good luck. So people do try to trick or force their cat to stay 'cause they want that good luck that the cat will bring but all they get us bad luck and misfortune

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It has normal Feline senses.   Great hearing, low light sight, a good scent of smell for anything next to it and often for anything within a close radius.   It will land on it's feet every time. It even has the ability to see when some ones death is near... but this ability is often debated by scholars.

Civilization and Culture


The Change in the Hospital 

Well, there's a story or lore about a hospital that had A Luk Cat living on the property. This hospital had one the best survival rate for its patients. Even when the odds were against the patients to survive they seem to have a little luck that would give them the edge to survive. It was believed it was thanks to the Luk Cat. Not everyone could have been saved. When people were going to die the cat would appear laying at the foot of the bed of the patient. It's was just waiting there, comfortable knowing that the person's time was at the end. When it was time for the person to leave it would walk up to them and then rub on their face let them pet her and then leave. In six minutes exactly the person would die. now the story's been told by a couple of countries. now the most famous one of these is in the country of Slania in the city Relic. The Prime Hospital for 20 years had Luk Cat it was the lucky time they ever been. That is how the story goes.
Scientific Name
23 years
Conservation Status
Conservation of the species varies by Kingdom. Some see it as a very interesting species and seek to preserve and study them. Others see Luk Cats as a bad omen and take every step to eradicate the cat. The rest just see it like a normal cat with some unique abilities.
Average Height
7.8 – 8.7 in.
Average Weight
6.6 – 9.9 lbs
Average Physique

by Marc Zipper (Valcin)

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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