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Immune deterioration

Your body slowly stops having the ablet to heal itself.


You get by use heal magic too often. The world ideal you no more than 13 heal a year. small for cut fractures and other similar are one point. Damage organ breaks or another one like that are two points. That is their system for most people, of course, there are people who it takes less or can take more before their body starts not to be able to heal itself.


it takes longer for you to get over being sick. or it takes longer for stop bleeding. your body will start taking longer to heal itself. if it gets worse you body will get sick easier. then of keep getting worse, your body will soon not be able to heal itself at all. at the point, you could die from ant simple sickness or wound.


when itis first caught. If stop getting heal by a magic spell. you will stay at the rate your ar. If early enough you might even recover some of the rates. It will take over long prior of time.


That person did not let his body heal. He/r having mage or cleric do healing spells on them. The person has gone over the recommended time of having magical healing spell cast of there body.


Either don't use a healing spell or stay with the recommended time of using them


when this was first realized was in a war in NE Condition which had four kingdoms going at for a long time. they healing there solder like crazy. well like overnight all the army would barely take a hit will fall apart or die. well at first they all blame each other until a couple of doctors who just helping out the small town that getting unlucky in line fire. When they had few deserters come they where form different army. after fixing them and take care of them. they found the immune system was weakened and blood was clotting as well. know it was a while after the war until they were able to put it together that it was all the healing spell magic.


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