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Far Party

In the Kingdom of Vastaion they put the dead to rest a little different from the rest of the world. In this kingdom they throw a party and even the recently deceased are invited. Outsiders will be amazed to find that true to fashion the dead do show up. It is a time to honor the dead by naming the recently deceased as guests of honor while they say their last farewells to loved ones and good friends.   ¬†Welcome to the Far Party, or as it is originally named "The Farewell Party"


In the year 5502, King Regulus and Queen Hanna lost their son During an assassination attack that took his life. It was fast and tragic their son died without even being able to say goodbye to his parents or live a full life. He was able to stop the attacker but died before anyone got to him. His parent was at a loss not being able to hold him in his last moment. While they believed the Goddess Yami would welcome him with open arms, but they just wanted him back or at less to say goodbye. Their court wizard Bri said she could bring his soul back to his body for a short time which would allow them the time needed to say goodbye. The ritual was successful and the parents were able to say their goodbyes.   A few months later one of the guards that were standing on patrol on the night they brought back their son lost his wife in a mugging. He came to the King and Queen begging them to let him say goodbye to her. They both were too kindhearted that they could not turn him away so they performed the ritual. Soon news spread around town. when someone dies that was not expected to die. They would petition the king and queen to let them say goodbye. So it came vastly known throughout the entire Kingdom to the point where they had to talk with the churches. To see what the right course of action was to do for their people. The Church of Yumi is the main church in this Kingdom and prides itself in the family. They saw no harm in it and actually started figuring out how to build a set of rules and guidelines to make it work with the goddess and help the people out.   This is how it all started. now it's been several years and has become a very set tradition in the Kingdom. What once started as parents wanting to say goodbye to their son Has now saved an entire Kingdom of grief. Now they celebrate and say goodbye to the lost loved ones. So death in this Kingdom it's just a farewell party and onto the next journey. They do not fear death but celebrate it and life.


Well to get these party started. First, we must see if the decease even wants to have A party. The easy way is the see the person's will and testament or some form of a document with the church. What do they want to do with their body and if they even want to have a party. If there is nothing saying what they want. Then a small communion either trying to contact the soul of the deceased or the goddess of one of her messengers to ask if the soul even wants a party.   If you get the all-clear to have a party. Then you need to move quickly and decide when and how you set up the temple hall to have the party. Because the ritual must be done within 4 nights of the person dying. Once that is done it is time for the ritual.   The ritual starts by having the body in the clothes he will be wearing to the party. The body is laid on an altar as seven stones each matching the color of the chakra point, they are placed on. Around the altar five clear crystals 7 orange crystals 4 black crystals. Are placed in specific spots in the magic circle to connect the symbol and runes together. The crystals are used to help channel and focus the soul back into the body as a stone reactivates the last of the Chakra energy in the body. For these to work there must be a good amount of the body still intact. If the body looks bad or disgusting, They use a glamor spell to make them look good. A priest or priestess of Yumi offers a prayer to welcome the spirit back and to thank the goddess for allowing such actions. Then a wizard who has been trained to perform these rites and rituals Will cast the spell which takes about 30 minutes to an hour. depending on how long the trip is for the soul.   When the rituals are over in the soul goes back in the body. It will have four hours before its time on this mortal realm is over. The first hour is for them to get allocated to their situation and talk to their closest loved one. There is one more thing these hours are used for. That if the decease has been murder. inquisitors or inspectors will be here to ask them what they remember of their murder. After the first hour, they head to the reception hall. For the next two hours and 40 minutes will be spent partying talking and celebrating.   The last 20 minutes is the getting back to the altar and saying their last goodbyes to the people they want to. Giving their final messages to their loved ones. As their loved ones are ready to see them off to their next journey.

Components and tools

Five clear crystals to show the way to their body. 7 orange crystals welcome the Soul in the realm and set the soul wave with body wave. 4 black crystals to protect the soul from evil or let evil take over the body. Magical circle to from the magic seven stone each matching the color of the chakra point to wake up the body so it can be used. It gets the body the energy to a movie again. A herb mixture of Hyacinth, Frangipani, Sage, Lavender, Star Anise, Apple Blossoms, Mug wart. These are burned around the area to cleans protect and cleanse both the living and the dead.

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