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Blue Path Flower

The Blue Path flower is very unique. that can absorb the moonlight from Odessa into itself. creating a unique liquid in itself.

Basic Information


It has a teal stem that goes deep in the ground. On the top of it is a vibrant blue bud with lavender spots on it which will split in half on the full moon of the Odessa moon. The bud follows the moon all through the night sky. Inside the bud, it houses a light blue liquid.  The liquid is know as Odessa tears.

Biological Traits

So, it's has a very unique smell. The smell similar to a decaying old cheese. The smell tends to keep animals mostly away from it. The next ability it has Is about the Odessa tears. The tears is meant to move and transferring the seed. Then it provides nutrients for the seed new life. It has a second ability if you get it in your eye. The tears will cleaning and shaper your eyes. Aloud you to pull in more light. To much could blind you or your sight overly aware pulling in lot of detail. That could overwhelm your mind.

Genetics and Reproduction

So the liquid that it houses will be released each full moon. when it does it also takes the seeds of the plant with it. Slowly makes its way to his new areas. the Seed of the follower is in the liquid so it could be caught by the wind moving far away or just simply moved a few feet as it lands on the ground.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Getting a good amount of nutrients from the soil the ground. The rest of it gets from Odessa with photosynthesis. that it actually does not photosynthesis any other light wavelength.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  1. Eye Cleaner use The Odessa tears making eye drop to clean your eye
  2. Rabow Cleaner
  3. Stink Booom Called Moon cut the cheese.
5 Years
Conservation Status
In the Kingdom of Harmony, they have some farms growing them. They Monitor located so that way they can be harvest maintained for their medicinal purposes
Average Height
1.5 Foot tall

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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