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Sage Blade Grass

The Sage Blads Onyx night grass appearance is in great contrast next to a grassy area it lives in. Just be careful when you get near them or you might be just seeing pitch black.

Basic Information


They are normally in batches of three. The blades Onix color with a neon Orange center going from the bottom to halfway up.

Biological Traits

It has poison on the edge of the blades. taking cost temporary blindness. the poison gets into your eye's cornea and feels them up.

Ecology and Habitats

Is found in grassy areas. They are mixed in with normal grass.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Just water, sun and minerals

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  1. Blinding Poison
16 years
Conservation Status
Just a few people or farms have a small batch of it for making medicine or poison
Average Height
2 to 3 inch

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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