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The Obsidian King

Gwonekan (a.k.a. The Obsidian King)

Rumours echo out from the depths of The Dragonstone Mountains and whisper amongst the shadows of The Athenaeum. They breathe of the monstrous and enigmatic figure of the Obsidian King of the Dragons, Master of all things winged and scaly.   No mortal has ever laid eyes on The Obsidian King and the stories and myths that have popped up in his absence speak of reasons ranging from disdain of mortals to being too busy being king and keeping order to leave the mountains. Yet some, the more pessimistic, wonder if his absence is because he is dead.   But the truth strays far from human speculation. The Obsidian King is not dead—and he is closer to mortals than anyone could ever believe.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Gwonekan is a fit adult Obsidian dragon with tough skin and even tougher scales that are said to be made of pure obsidian glass. He is said to be one of the fastest dragons, lean yet strong and estimated to be several hundred feet long and taller at the shoulder than the Palace at the highest part of Thím Gûthuwal. He is said to be able to whip his tail so sharply that it creates a loud sound akin to one of a mighty whip that threatens to deafen anyone who happens to be standing too close.

Special abilities

  • Magma-breathing (the ability to spew lava/magma, like normal dragons can breathe fire)
  • Magma manipulation/lavakinesis/geo-thermalkinesis
  • Lava breathing (the ability to breath while submerged in lava)
  • Obsidian generation (this ability allowed him to enhance his lair into a resplendant palace of obsidian)

Apparel & Accessories

He often wears a large platinum band on his right horn.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

No one can remember when Gwonekan was born. Mortals would tell you he has always been, that he was one of the first dragons to ever spread his wings and fly across the ultramarine sky, while dragons will tell you that he's very much not the first dragon or even the first Obsidian dragon.   Gwonekan remembers the names of his parents yet rarely shares them with his peers. He began his life as an average Obsidian dragon, dwelling amongst the lava flows and rivers of The Dragonspur Penninsula and the shores east of The Dragonstone Mountains . It was here that he learned how to manipulate the lava, and his scales were hardened by long and playful Lava Fights with his fellow Obsidian dragons and the Pyre dragons that also dwelled there.   One of his favourite things to do when he was bored was to fly to Génna Laelkaeph where he and a bunch of his friends would fly about the peak of Folmirra Génna, the taller of the twin peaks of the volcanic massif, and harrass Tol-Aughú, King of the Húmentari , who dwells within the volcano. This led to a long-running enmity between the two kings, one started and cultivated more by the volcano-dwelling Magma Maharaja.   Long after he had reached his majority, political conditions in the Thundering Court had deteriorated drastically. The previous dragon king, remembered only as "The Gelid King", ruled the dragons with an iron claw, while also allowing the more depraved dragons to wreck havoc. With elements between dragons being equal in strength, with no true advantages between them, the Ice King's element posed a significant threat.   Yet, Gwonekan's rage—which had been burning low and slow for several centuries—had grown hot enough with every injustice. With no thought (something that would be unthinkable now), he challenged the Gelid King to a Deathmatch in the wide yet shallow Arena. His anger was hot enough that the Gelid King's ice was no match, his molten lava stoked by his emotions until all that was left of the tyrant was his bones and the ash of his flesh.   ((Timeline of Gwonekan's life coming soon.))

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Stoked Tol-Aughú's ire towards the Obsidian dragons with help from his friends.
  • Accidentally (while being totally unaware) inspired a small group of mountain-dwelling humans to begin worshipping him, inadvertantly inspiring the creation of The Cult of Obsidian
  • Won a duel against the previous king of the dragons and was crowned the new king. 

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Couldn't save his younger sister from death when a mayimvir snatched her and dragged her into the depths of the ocean.

Morality & Philosophy

Gwonekan is a dragon—and thus possesses a dragon's morality. To an extent.   While growing up, Gwonekan barely paid humanity, elves, dwarves, or other short-lived races any mind. Those were years full of a slow hurricane of being raised by his parents, learning how to be a proper dragon, how to speak the languages of the world, and how to build his own lair in an unknown nook in The Dragonstone Mountains . It wasn't until he was nearly fully grown that he became fully aware of the smaller, squishier intelligent peoples, and he found himself intrigued.   Unlike some dragons, Gwonekan would grow to view those smaller than him altruistically. He would watch them and take in their lives and would often compare them to the lives dragons lead. It was while watching them, also, that he decided that he would make it his mission to try and cultivate dragon society in hopes that he could breathe some life into it.   Gwonekan is a dragon who has high morals, is altruistic, and holds the view that Eldûra is like a perpetual machine, a world spun to life by the Creator—but whatever natural disasters come or other horrors occur are not directly caused by Him. Not anymore.   Further philosophies Gwonekan believes in are that all intelligent life deserves respect, and that anyone who harms children should be shown no mercy.


  • Eating humans and other human-shaped races.
  • Throwing his Presence™ around in order to dominate those of races smaller than the dragons. The Obsidian King is content to keep with dragon kind and to keep his desire to rule solidly with dragons alone.

Personality Characteristics


Gwonekan is an ancient dragon, and thus has watched the world of Eldûra grow and mature. He has watched humanity and its constituent races as time passed and has grown to admire them. Because of this, he has grown to desire peace between his kind and theres. Whenever the humans feel threatened by a dragon and that dragon's attitude leads to the only solution being humans killing the dragon, it grieves him. He wishes for there to be peace so there will be no more bloodshed.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

  • Flight
  • Magma/Lava Manipulation
  • Speech
  • Leading Dragonkind as their king
  • Crafting beautiful sculptures out of obsidian
  • Assuming a human form
  • Successfully talking down the violent and more arrogant dragons (the ones who would pose a threat to the smaller races)
  • Knowing how to act around humans and the other races in dragon form
  • Knowing how to act around female dragons outside of business (leading to no romantic life)
  • Raiding ANYTHING in order to gather more wealth

Likes & Dislikes

  • Books, texts, words—anything that can be read. This has lead to his hoard resembling a library.
  • Foodwise: chocolate, venison, birch twigs (don't ask)
  • Flying
  • Bathing in lava
  • Tol-Aughú, the King of the Húmentari
  • Being submerged in ice-cold water
  • Disrespect towards him and towards those who don't deserve it
  • Challenges to his authority

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Kind
  • Courageous
  • Discerning
  • Patient
  • Knowledgable
  • Possesses immense self-control in the face of his kind's short-tempers
  • Desires peace
  • Possesses great goodness and is probably the only dragon you could approach without having to worry about being eaten.

Vices & Personality flaws

  • He can never bring himself to stray from any source of lava for too long. He finds the heat comforting and helps steady his thoughts.
  • Though he has good self-control, when someone snaps his patience his reaction can be quite terrifying. And then the grudge that forms afterwards can burn low and slow, like a wildfire under the snows of winter.
  • He is a devout follower of Avva'ai, a faith that he accepted during his times mingling with the mortal races. This isn't really a flaw, but amongst the mostly agnostic dragons it is.


Religious Views

Gwonekan is one of the few dragons that believes in Avva'ai and willingingly follows him. While most of the dragons had fallen away from the faith due to the history they shared with the Creator. It is something that he often finds himself keeping to himself, yet he tries to weave his beliefs into his rule in ways that won't tip off his fellow dragons—a dragon's memory is long and it is extremely easy for them to connect the dots, even when they have been out of the loop religious-wise for centuries.   Yet how did Gwonekan discover and come to believe in Avva'ai? If dragons are agnostic and turn their back on Avva'ai on principle, how did Gwonekan grow to love the One who shaped the worlds?   It was during a time when his curiosity of humanity and the other races brought him to discover how to hide his true form in the form of a human, small in stature compared to what he really was, but tall compared to the average human man. He used this form to get even closer to humanity and this eventually lead him to the temples and cathedrals dedicated to Avva'ai.
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Obsidian King  This is Gwonekan's most promenant title, known far and wide across the continent of Aegéfaer.   The Black — An epiteph brought on by the colour of his scales and how firmly he rules the dragons.
A massive black dragon, his skin and scales are as black as obsidian. His colouring seems to consume whatever light that touches him.
Molten orange-yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Scales as black as obsidian
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Dragonish
  • Common (Talnoran)
  • Eldonine
  • Dazuvellan (intermediate) 
  • Behti (intermediate)


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