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Yil'enoth Tree (Yihl-eh-nauth)

The Yil'enoth witnessed the founding and fall of the Galvii' Kingdom and the formation of the I'll Dorei. The tree has long been a sacred place for those who live under its canopy. The roots spread far into the surrounding forest, building a large network of banyan-like offshoots, creating a tall and intimidating network of roots and vines. Within these vines, The city of Galvinora, for example, uses the labyrinth of vines and various natural defenses as a way to stave off unwanted visitors. The Elven druids of the Selenar Wood help to maintain the ecosystem both spiritual and physical, much like how the tree helps to maintain those who worship and care for it.

Purpose / Function

Throughout history, the Yil'enoth Tree served as a neutral ground, even within troubling times. Currently, the tree sits in the center of the city of Galvinora. The inner walls of the tree are lined with rare herbs, flowers and roots which can be ground up or ingested to perform a variety of healing effects.


The architecture within the Yil'enoth fits within the general realm of wood elf architectural styles. The sharp arches and natural materials complement the original form of the tree as more rooms and bridges are built. Neutral colors also help to maintain a sense of camouflage within the city as the various homes blend in to the landscape.


Meshed into the history of the ancient tree are various tales and myths. One such myth involves a champion of Izmus who, upon their travels, befriended the druids of the tree. undefined


For the most part, the Tree is visited only by the sick. However, some sects of druids choose to pilgrimage to the site during specific moon cycles. Every so often the twin moons of Kalt and Ode, in their eternal dance, align to block the sun. This eclipse happens rarely but lasts the entire day, enhancing the power of said druids. This festival is known as The Fey Moon Festival and is.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Titan Seed
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
To those with a good or neutral alignment, the tree exhibits special healing properties in the aura. While within the trunk of the tree, those who qualify are granted 1d4+1 healing every hour. This does not apply to those who have been afflicted with something which cannot be cured by a "cure disease" spell.
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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