Waving Octopus

The Waving Octopus is a curious type of creature, most commonly found in the Gamian Sea,where they live near the beaches. They eat algae off the seafloor and occasionally small fish. When approached by a human, they start to wave with all their arms and approach the human slowly, with no aggressive intend - a behavior which ultimately gave them their names. The Dance of the Octopus is a popular story about the origin of this behavior.   The Octopi travel over the year with the change of the water currents. During the winter they will be found more often at the southern boarder of Caramiza, while during the summer, large schools of Waving Octopi will be in the region around Walkust. They are slightly endangered by the more common whales in the area, causing them to gather more on the beaches.   A small school of Waving Octopus has recently been added to the Brookedust Zoo, at which they have become a well-liked attraction.
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