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"Those who hear us speak of strength think we talk only of strength of body. In times of change, we must possess strength in all its forms: strength of mind, strength of will, and strength of the community for when one's strength is not enough." -Queen Amaya Rostami, 495, 4th Cycle
A hearty race known for producing brave warriors and leaders, for centuries the goliaths of Pescaliat used to be one of the many races under the control of the Elflands Empire. By the dawning of the 4th Cycle, however, goliaths emigrated from the Empire to form a kingdom of their own in the Campanel Desert known as Sabha. Others traveled south a couple centuries later to the Free State of Thorvald, leading to today's situation where two distinct strains of goliaths operate in the world. The goliaths of Sabha embodied the the qualities of a strong leader while Thorvald's goliaths worked as strong warriors, with goliaths alone in the world forced to forge an identity of their own.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • A royal family of goliaths serves as figurehead monarchs in the desert nation of Sabha, with an aristocratic class of goliath merchants and landowners serving in the kingdom's government. More well-to-do than any of the nation's other races, tensions exist between them and the lower classes despite several reforms to make Sabha's society more inclusive and equal. 
  • The dwarven Free State of Thorvald contains the second-largest population of goliaths in the world, many serving alongside their dwarven counterparts in the mines and shipping expeditions. Many goliaths fled south to escape oppression in Glace, but no goliath has yet to be elected as Allspeaker of Thorvald in its 400-year history. 
  • Goliaths are hard to find outside of Sabha and Thorvald, especially on their own. Stories tell of goliaths who have dishonored their kin in some terribly, forced to wander the world on their own for the rest of their days. 
85 yrs.
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's

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