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Gillette Montesquieu

Champion Defender

Former leader of the Knights of Rarita, 883 - 913 . Posturing herself as a reformist leader, she chose to emphasize the first tenet of acquiring magic items while limiting the amount of outright destruction. This infuriated many of the order's most devoted members, leading to her overthrow and banishment from the order in 913. She fled south to Despero's capital of Havre and its vibrant expat community. She dreamed of one day reclaiming the Knights of Rarita for herself, but without any gold or armies to fund her cause it would remain nothing more than a far-flung dream.

Mental characteristics


  • Champion Defender of the Knights of Rarita, 883 - 913
Current Location
Year of Birth
845 86 Years old
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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