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AEther is a sentient material that heavily resonates with emotions. It permeates the whole world and is found in all living and dead things, carrying a certain color or flavor significant to the respective things’ origin or place in existence. This flavor or color is in AEther theory referred to as Resonance. There are seven known Resonances of AEther.   It is pretty much the stuff from which everything in Limbo, Purgatory and Tartarus is made of. Pure AEther is rare, as it usually comes tarnished with Resonance, but can be harvested with certain methods. As a raw material it is fleeting, quite unstable and will dissolve over time or react with its environment in peculiar ways; so it needs to be treated and stored in a special way if one wants to preserve its pristine qualities.   The Crimson Empire and the Alliance have developed ways to harvest, store and process AEther. It is used as fuel in all kind of Artifacts, vehicles and weapons of war, and serves as a conceptual component in all forms of Alchemy - mostly in its refined form, despite its high instability.   The studies of AEther are called AEther Theology.


Material Characteristics

AEther is a spectrum with seven wave-lengths, each of them co-relating to an aspect of reality. They follow metaphysical laws and can be broken down in a table of elements showing how they react in correlation with each other. Each AEther resonance is strong over the one that follows after, and weak towards the one that precedes it. 
  The order of the AEther resonances is defined by the origin myth of the world and in which order the elements have been formed in a 'Big Bang' scenario.

Origin & Source

The seven AEther resonances in order of appearance are:
  1. The Light, electric brightness, adding the spark of life, affecting the well-being of the Soul.
  2. After the Light, there follows Darkness; the cool shade and deceptive chill after the flash of creation.
  3. After the Darkness, there was Spirit; emotions from the shock, fractured memories of existence-past, forming ghosts and spectres filled with primitive feelings.
  4. After the Spirit follows Matter; building itself up from the void, solid ground, facts and physics from remembrance.
  5. After Matter forms Creation; the realization that life finds a way, breathing air and running waters, lush forests full of wildlife forming rapidly.
  6. After Creation, into being comes Mind; thoughts forming in the blink of an eye, connecting to a perfect storm of ideas and conclusions from everything that is alive.
  7. After Mind there is Destruction; the fruit of sentience, cannibalizing thoughts and prayer, simplex structures causing animosity and ambivalence, leading to conflict and collateral damage.
  8. And after Destruction follows Light again, and thus, was the new world conceived, the world beyond EDEN.


Elemental / Molecular
Pure AEther doesn't smell like anything and is invisible. Color & odor are tied to the resonance of AEther.
AEther can be seen through Aura Sight. The color spectrum goes from bright white through a prism of five colors to black.
AEther needs to be refined before it assumes metaphysical form.
Common State
Gas or Liquid.


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21 Feb, 2021 09:54

Now I wonder how AEtheris harvested, stored and worked with if it's such an esoteric material. Probably includes rituals or some sort of magic. Destruction is strong against Light, I presume? That's where there is a point 8?