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The Art of Alchemy is part of Aether Theology and is a rare skill in the Scarred Lands. A capable alchemist knows to distill and combine certain elements like Aether, Gold and Blood and bring them together to create phenomenal poisons and remedies. With alchemist potions you can wipe out an entire clan or heal it from a fast-spreading disease within hours. Further, some potions can enhance the conceptual powers and senses of Sinners and make them more effective in combat. Alchemical concoctions can also be used to bind spectres, create powerful solvents to extract Aether and even produce explosives of sorts.   Agrippa’s Alchemists, the Alliance and the Crimson Empire seem to have the most skilled alchemists around; the latter two because there are academic institutions fully dedicated to the purpose of training alchemists and enhance their studies of this specific field, while the Agrippians and their ancient knowledge present a mystery to outsiders of the group.   Like all Aether Sciences, you need to be a Gezeichneter/Sinner to be fully capable of leveraging its power, but Owls can be instructed to be valuable assistants.


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