Salvation Outpost

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Salvation is a rough-and-tumble scavenger outpost on the edge of the Mournland. Chancers from across Khorvaire come here to get rich quick or die trying.    
Salvation Outpost

Kalli Alran

  Neutral female human scavenger   Kalli is a brown-skinned Cyran human in her forties who was visiting Sharn on the Day of Mourning. She has a friendly personality and has made it a personal mission to recover artifacts from her homeland.   Motivation: Loyalty. The few friends Kalli has left are worth fighting for: but cross her and she’ll hold a grudge like nobody’s business.   Mannerisms: Kalli is always smiling.   Quote: “No one lives forever, eh?”  


Neutral female goblin salvage broker Belaluur is jovial by nature but is nevertheless a shrewd bargainer and ruthless operator.   Belaluur (Bel-ah-LOOR) Neutral female goblin salvage broker Belaluur is missing an ear and wears a fine leather cloak She is jovial by nature but is nevertheless a shrewd bargainer and ruthless operator. Motivation: Get rich—and damn anyone who stands in her way. Mannerisms: Belaluur glances warily over her shoulder when she talks. Quote: “If I had a crown for every time someone said that to me, I’d be richer than the Queen of Aundair.”


Neutral male gnome hermit Brackle drifts in and out of Salvation, preaching of the Draconic Prophecy.

Draev Shaldor

Neutral male human salvage broker Draev is known as a miser who always pays the least for his salvage.

Emilaj Constock

Neutral evil male human physician A necromancer hired by the Order of the Emerald Claw to conduct experiments in the Mournland.


Neutral male human factotum Troubled servant of the salvage broker Irullan Karnach. Murdered by his mistress for delving into her deeds.


Neutral goblin artificer’s apprentice Reckless daughter of the salvage broker, Belaluur.

Irullan Karnach

Neutral evil female human salvage broker and agent of the Emerald Claw Irullan is known as one of Salvation’s most powerful brokers: but secretly serves the Emerald Claw as their spy in the area.

Mother Jahanah

Lawful good female human priest of the Silver Flame Jahanah serves the Silver Flame as a loyal member of the Order of Ministers.

Kalli Alran

Neutral female human scavenger Kalli belongs to the Grey Dogs salvage crew and has made it her mission to recover artifacts from her Cyran homeland.


Lawful neutral warforged peacekeeper Sheriff tries to keep a modicum of peace in Salvation by intervening to settle disputes.


Chaotic neutral female changeling thief Whist stole the Arrow of Truth from the Chapel of the Silver Flame and tried to sell it to the highest bidder.

Zodor Tarev

Chaotic good male shifter smuggler Zodor runs a black-market trade in Cyran salvage coming into Breland  
Земли Скорби


None. The outpost’s brokers use letters of marque granted by King Boranel to plunder the ruins of Cyre, guaranteeing first refusal on their finds to the nobles of Breland. To distance himself from the pillaging, King Boranel allows Salvation to operate as an independent territory on Breland’s border.


A warforged named Sheriff keeps the peace and settles disputes. Each broker hires their own mercenary crews to protect their interests.


Other Notable Locations


Salvation Times (newspaper)


Lightning rail station


Chapel of the Silver Flame


Gray Beyond (poor)   The Gray Beyond is much like the rest of Salvation: dirty, rough, uncouth, and with a touch of magic in the air that could be the promise of riches, or just another vile spell wafting in from the Mournland to tear you limb from limb.   Scavengers like you come here to spend your hard-earned coin on expensive drinks and cheap food, sharing wild rumors and half-truths about the ruined nation of Cyre. Some call it the Mournland, others call it the Gray: but it’s the land of death and opportunity for all who gather here.   The tavern’s common room is built around the salvage board, a place where the brokers of Salvation post bills for jobs they need doing in the Gray. This board is the beating heart of your industry, and the jobs it provides, your lifeblood.   Salvation Hotel (squalid)   Tin Pot Tavern (squalid).
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  • Salvation Outpost
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