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Spooktober Flash Challenge


Spooktober 2021 Badge by WorldAnvil
It is officially spooky season! By far my favorite time of the year. That also means it's time to get a snazzy badge. There are 30 prompts in total for the Spooktober Flash Challenge, which can be completed using any media and template.


I want to write at least five to ten of those prompts. However, I will not overwhelm myself by saying that I have to finish all the prompts - at least not in October. If it happens, great. If it doesn't? Also great! I did some writing and tried some things I maybe wouldn't have otherwise. I am aiming for around 300 words per article - if it makes sense for the used article template. If possible, I want the articles to make sense in the world I am working on but again, it's not a must.   Shiver is in there twice, I will be only doing one article for that. I will be adding links as I go along.   Current progress: 13/30  
01 Moon: Moonlight Fever (Done)
02 Hunt: Werewolf (Done)
03 Blood: Bleeding Tooth (Done)
04 Mist:
05 Hollow:
06 Glow:
07 Grave: Library of the Lost (Done)
08 Stone: Darksong Stronghold (Done)
09 Ice: The Frostbreath Highlands (Done)
10 Rune:
11 Bone:
12 Rot:
13 Wild: Fire and Lightning (Done)
14 Ghast:
15 Fang: The Fang of Fury (Done)
16 Dance: Dance of the Will-o'-Wisps (WIP)
17 Shiver:
18 Harvest:
19 Crimson:
20 Scent:
21 Dust: Boneserpents (Done)
22 Flame: Little flame (Done)
23 Spore:
24 Dark:
25 Heart:
26 Shiver:
27 Blade:
28 Ruin: The Grim Legion (Done)
29 Claw:
30 Shadow: Unknown (Done)

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Cover image: Spooktober 2021 Prompts by WorldAnvil


Author's Notes

I am enjoying the freedom and flexibility of those one-word prompts more than I thought I would, so I'll probably end up finishing them all. Maybe not this October but eventually.

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