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The Grim Legion

Although called Grim Legion, the Legion very much is an army. It is lead by the Necromancer Tyrant, with the Aspects of Sin serving as the generals, one for each of the seven Units.


The Hollow Horde:

Led by the Aspect of Gluttony, the Hollow Horde mostly consists of Fiends and Undead. Nabassu, Mimics, Ghouls, Gnoll, Undead humanoids but also cannibals fight in this Unit. Driven by unending hunger, they bolster the numbers of the Hounds of Hell on the frontline, feasting on the corpses of fallen, although they are forbidden from completely consuming them, so something remains that can be reanimated.  

The Siege Squadron:

As the name suggests, the Siege Squadron is responsible for leading sieges against enemy Strongholds. It is led by the Aspect of Sloth. Its soldiers are a mix of the biggest and strongest creatures and humanoids, and some of the smartest engineers on this plane.  

The Rose Riders:

The Rose Riders make up the cavalry of the Grim Legion. Led by the Aspect of Lust, this all-women Unit of riders is beauty and grace incarnate. They also serve as spymasters and assassins when not needed on the battlefield. They have seduced many a man - and woman - for information or to get close to them so they might dispose of their target.  

The Hounds of Hell:

The Hounds of Hell, led by Aspect of Wrath, are the front-line warriors of the Legion and, as the infantry, oftentimes the first to charge into battle. The members of this Unit are bloodthirsty, savage, ruthless, and battle-happy berserkers, preferring violent solutions over peace-making. This leads to a lot of fighting in the Unit itself, which is actually encouraged. Those who die in such squabbles simply join the Hollow Horde as Undead.  

The Undefeated Unit:

The Undefeated Unit, lead by the Aspect of Pride, is the Elite Unit of the Legion. They typically keep to themselves, thinking themselves superior to the members of the other units - and rightfully so. Only the most skilled and accomplished of all fighters ever get to join this prestigious Unit. Not a single battle has been lost by this elite host. Few have fought a member of this Unit and lived to tell the tale.   They usually operate on their own or in small teams and are entrusted with missions of utmost importance to their leader's cause.  

The Silver Soldiers:

The Silver Soldiers, led by Aspect of Greed, are the ranged Unit of the Grim Legion. It consists mostly of mages and archers and is the second smallest Unit.  

The Forsaken:

The Forsaken, led by Aspect of Envy, are rejects not wanted anywhere else, be it in their life so far or in the Legion. With nothing else to lose, they make for some of the most fearsome soldiers one could encounter. They are often used in suicide missions.   ORGANIZATION CHART NOT AVAILABLE

Public Agenda

As the army of the Necromancer Tyrant, the best anyone can tell is that they are hell-bent on causing as much death, destruction, and general mayhem as possible.


Some of the members have been in the Legion for centuries, especially its generals. Some of them have been blessed by the Dark One, making it incredible difficult to kill them for good. The generals, the Aspects of Sin, were some of the first people and creatures recruited by the Dark One in the Age of Chaos. Some of them have since died but reincarnated into a different body.


The Grim Legion was established in the year 132, during the Age of Chaos. They have always served Calion, commonly known as the Dark One. When Calion got bound and banished by their siblings, and later, when he rose again and got defeated by Aherin's Avatar, the Legion continued working in the shadows. Searching for ways to bring Calion back, making sure there would always be an army at their disposal.   The Legion has gone by a few different names over the years. With the Necromancer Tyrant now serving as the Dark One's Avatar, citizens are now hearing about the Legion for the first time, generally assuming it to be the Necromancer's army.

To the Undeath

Written for Spooktober
Prompt 24: Dark
Founding Date
Blossoming 132
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