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Halen's Cathedral

The First Prison of the Sleeping One

Found at the centre of Franner the Cathedral is the true prison of the Sleeping One, with the gods surrounding him, keeping him in his slumber. The cathedral is mostly circular building, with a large central spire and 12 wings/sections around the spire. Tall, majestic, awe-inspiring with a tangible aura of divine power emanating from it.

Purpose / Function

The main focal point and prison propper for Halen. Within lies the main temples and churches for the majority of gods. The cathedral has two main purposes. To act as a place where mortals can see their gods, thus increasing the belief in them and their power, which is required for the main purpose of keeping the sleeping god in his slumber.


Externally, the Cathedral remains the same. Internally, it has been changed many times before the last change made the central chamber suitable for the purposes the god demanded of it.


The overall style of the Cathedral is described as Gothic, but on a vastly increased scale, especially internally. Under the spire and beacon that projects upwards to create and maintain the barrier lies the Chamber of the Most Holy, where the gods maintain their vigil around the one who must not awaken.


The centre of Franner was always considered to be a holy place, so it was only natural that the first temple, then church, then a cathedral was built there.   When Great Barrier was errected, the Catherdral was found to be the perfect location for the ritual required.
Alternative Names
Prison-Cathedral, Gods-Home, The First Barrier, Divine Prison
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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