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Church of Universal Harmony

The Church of Universal Harmony (CoUH) is one of the Great Houses that make up the nations of Easthalen. Although based in Franner, their remit covers The Gods of Easthalen .


One ruling council, called the Conclave, with 3 representatives from each of the major branches, ruled over by The Most Holy Guardian

Public Agenda

To promote the belief and worship of all the major gods in Eatshalen, to empower them in the Eternal Struggle

Mythology & Lore

Unlike many other religions, the CoUH has a clear purpose, one that everyone agrees on. To promote the worship of all 12 of the gods that keep Halen asleep. Being able to literally see (as much as mortal minds can comprehend the true majestic power that seeing a deity involves) the various deities has made their job a lot easier. Of course the "true will" of the gods is open to debate and theologians and scolars will debate the various omens and dreams the gods send for eons to come.

Divine Origins

Founded at the same time of the creation of the Great Barrier , The CoUH was established by all the major religious groups who realised that if their patron deities were working together to keep reality from falling apart, then they need to do the same.

Cosmological Views

Each branch of the CoUH agree on the rough broad strokes of cosmology and history, but they tend to put more of a spin in favour of their patron deity

Tenets of Faith

As with any multi-faith organisation, there are various tenants that the sub-branches have agreed on
  • Do not deny the gods, for to do so weakens in them in the Struggle.
  • Respect other religious choices, even non-belivers, for they are doing their part to empower the gods.
  • Ethics

    For the most part, each branch of the CoUH is left to its own devices. The main rule is that any religious actions should not inhibit the other branches worship any to bring the CoUH into disrepute in general. Within that, the various leaders and clerics are left alone to promote and worship their patron as they see fit


    As a multi-faith organisation, the CoUH


    There are 12 "branches" within the CoUH that represent each deity. Each sends 3 members to the Conclave, the name given to the ruling council of 36. How those are chosen are left up to the individual branches and it varies depending on the nature of the deity.   Of the 36, one is chosen by vote to be the leader, known as The Most Holy Guardian, or Guardian for short.


    Technically, the various 12 gods sub-religions could be considered to be sects, although it is considered rude to refer to them as such.
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