Altin Ejder

The Vigilant Star Altin Ejder

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though a bit on the slimmer side, Altin is in excellent physical condition. He has a lean runner's physique that is maintained by daily runs on Vareholm's parkour course and regular combat training. He is naturally quick and agile, possessing a speed that outpaces many of his fellow adventurers.

Body Features

Due to the draconic blood inherited from his ancestors, Altin has clawed hands, a tail, and wings. Furthermore, his chest, shoulders, back, forearms, tail, wings, and hands are covered in brilliant golden scales. These traits offer him increased defense and a resistance to fire.

Facial Features

Altin possesses golden draconic scales on the left half of his face along with a dark, sweeping horn that emerges from the left side of his head and sharpened teeth. While both his eyes are an unusual reddish-orange, his left eye is far more draconic in appearance than his right eye.

Apparel & Accessories

Altin's usual outfit consists of a simple, white, self-repairing shirt known as the Clothes of Mending under the aptly named Tunic of the Half-Dragon, a refined dark red tunic with light blue trim that is fastened with several small straps on the front and a belt adorned with a golden dragon's head buckle. Over this, he usually wears a short, dark grey military jacket with a large fur-lined hood that is able to easily hide his odd appearance and the Cloak of the Doppleganger. His pants are baggy, light grey breeches with stony patches along the sides of the thighs due to an alchemical mishap involving basilisk venom. His hands are normally kept wrapped to hide their appearance and he wears red shoes. He also wears a Ring of Telekinesis and a simple cord necklace kept tucked under his shirt with a small Sending Stone attached, both of which were gifted to him by Arabella.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An ancient, draconic blood flows through the veins of the Edjer family. While it does not manifest in every generation, it left its Mark upon young Altin. He was raised on his father's tales of their family's heroic ancestors and their incredible magic. Despite growing up in a small, humble village, living the simple life, the young boy hoped to one day follow in their footsteps. Though the Edjers could not afford to send their son to receive a proper magical education, Altin displayed a natural affinity for learning. He was able to read and write from a young age and learned all he could from tomes passed down through the family. However, the young boy grew into a young man and it was thought that Mark would pass over another generation. Then the Calamity of El-Ren destroyed the world.   The Edjers fled their village as horrific creatures of blood and blades killed and spread. Though they managed to survive and hide for a time, the Spawn of El-Ren eventually caught up to them. As friends and family fought and died and transformed around him, Altin, too, suddenly found himself changed. In an explosion of fire, the power in his blood awakened and he emerged with golden scaled skin. Fangs. A tail. His clawed hands no longer looked like his own but instead matched the left half of his now mutated face.   Despite these changes and the loss of his home and family, Altin recalled the stories of his youth and resolved to develop his magic until he could use his new-found abilities to fight against evil so no one else had to suffer as he had. Miraculously surviving the years until the banishment of El-Ren , he eventually learned of an ancient land rumored to be the origin of the destruction...


Formerly worked with his parents as a courier for the family business. Currently an adventurer and a part-time employee of the Consortium Potion Shop in Vareholm.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Survived the Leiden disaster
  • Assisted in the recovery of a stolen Cirassal Rod in Gilnaith
  • 2nd Place in the first Amara Mors Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering, Low Tier Division
  • Constructed a custom Lightglaive weapon
  • Passed the Je'daii Initiate Trial
  • Passed the Je'daii Trial of Skill
  • Assisted in saving the Great Wyrm Syrrinto, the Midnight Wings
  • Defeated Fauciux, Throat of the Unborn
  • Assisted Less in passing the Trials of the Magnetar and becoming the new Headmaster of the Astral Conservatoire
  • Received the Vigilant Star's Gift
  • Assisted Riesk in defeating the Poisoned King and gaining the assistance of the Queen of the Jungle
  • Somehow won the heart of Arabella Aerywna

Intellectual Characteristics

Though he only possess an average intelligence, Altin has demonstrated alchemical knowledge, an excellent memory for maps and geography, and an aptitude for the arcane.

Morality & Philosophy

Altin strives to become a hero. A person willing to risk their own life to save others and one that can inspire safety and hope with his presence. Though he doesn't particularly care for fame or glory, he does want to live up to the legacy of the Ejder family and prevent others from suffering the same tragedies he has lived through.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes running, training and learning magic, spicy foods, and Arabella. Dislikes angels


Contacts & Relations

Arabella Aerywna - significant other
İlahi Myh-Nevdiin - best friend

Family Ties

None known.

Hobbies & Pets

Gold - a golden wagtail bird

Wealth & Financial state

Altin is relatively poor, despite his occupation as an adventurer in Idriell. However, his girlfriend happens to be one of the wealthiest wizards on the continent.
Current Location
Amara Mors
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Lawful Good
Date of Birth
Firewane 30
Year of Birth
230 20 Years old
Current Residence
Amara Mors
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Skin Tone
140 lbs
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Elvish


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