East Marches

Winter in 252 of the 4th Era


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How Much Favor Do I Have?

”After that evening we decided to head back. Several miles out from the barrier is where we saw him. Wesley spotted him first...an orc druid or shaman of sorts. It wore furs adorned with bones...antlers upon its head. It held a staff with some sort of bird skull strapped to the top. On its arm was a symbol...a large, yellow eye. It simply stood on the beach staring out towards the water at a bird in the distance. We wait a bit...waiting to see if the orc would move on. None of us were ready to start another fight.”

On the eve of the 244th year in the 4th era, the world ended.   For three years, the eldritch horror, the false moon known as Shothotugg, consumed the world in terror and blood. Millions were claimed by its madness. Their bodies warped and mutilated beyond recognition, transformed into Spawns of the entity that sought only to kill and spread its influence while its acid blood rained down upon the planet.   For three years, the people suffered this cruel fate. Witnessing screaming bodies twist and deform, exploding into creatures of scythes and bone and blood. Watching as these horrific creatures tore and slaughtered their own friends and loved ones. The few that managed to survive were left to wonder how long until they themselves would succumb to the terror and insanity.   Then, the heroes of Idriell returned.   Protected by the Barriers, gifts left behind by the dragon god Haramut, and assisted by another eldritch entity known as Caiphon, the adventurers rallied and struck back immediately. Using an powerful artifact constructed during their time in the "land of horrors", they narrowly managed to banish the false moon.   On the dawn of a new era, a ravaged world slowly begins to rebuild. While the threat of Shothotugg was eliminated (for now), its Spawn still linger and threats both old and new still abound. Survivors begin to emerge from the destruction and some set their sights on Idriell. A land restored. A land of heroes and riches...