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Imogene R. MacKintyre

CEO of XCGen. Rarely comes out in public, but does a lot of dealings through her officers, assassins, and holoprojections of herself--which don't always represent her accurately.   Works with Vox Tristan as her general to try and ferret out these pockets of rebels that threaten the empire she has built through XCGen.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A tall, powerful woman with long purple/red hair and intensely perfect features. Some peope say she's immortal, since she never seems to age, but others think that different people have "played" her over the years. And since very few people see MacKintyre more than once, no theory can be disproven.

Mental characteristics


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She is actually ~150 years old, but has found mods and cloning to work to keep her youthful. Each new child-clone is conditioned with Imogene's memories and life experiences so they think like her when they grow up. However, it's becoming harder to instill all the information of several lifetimes into a new human mind, so she sometimes comes off as forgetful or absent-minded.


Family Ties

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Actually the sister of Joanna Greysoft of Greysoft Laboratories. However, she turned her back on her family heritage of genetic research, preferring to go into the tech business instead. She wanted to head up a corporation that made money, not live a pauper scientists.


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