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Courtyard House

I always knew that one day I would move to Miraiy and own one of those beautiful courtyard houses.
— Master Historian Gharun Dolhaim after moving to Miraiy
  Ghynzua is famous for its courtyard houses. They can be found dotted across the countrysides, but also inside the cities. Ghynzuan extended families traditionally live together. It is common for daughters to remain living in their maternal house with their own children. If they are married it is possible their husband lives there too. This means that a lot of people live in the same house. Courtyard houses developed out of the necessity for more room and privacy.  


Main gate

The outside walls of a courtyard house have no windows and are fortified. There is one main gate.

Front courtyard

When one walks through the main gate they will cross the front courtyard. Several storage rooms open up to this courtyard. Some houses have stables here, or quarters for their servants.

Second gate

To get to the central part of the dwelling one must pass through the second gate.

Main Courtyard

The main courtyard is surrounded by buildings on three sides. All main and public rooms open onto this courtyard. It contains paved paths and garden elements.

The main hall

Lays opposite the second gate. It is the largest room and is used by everyone in the family. People eat here, or play games. They might read a book or play music. The main hall is also used to entertain guests.

Side halls

Lay respectively right and left from the second gate. One may find a kitchen here, guest rooms, library, etc.


Behind the side halls are corridors which lead to the private rooms of the family.

Private courtyard

Lays behind the main hall. The matriarchs private chambers are situated here, as well as a temple room.
Alternative Names
Mother House
House, Large

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