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The Impenetrable city, The last bastion of the living when the Undead tried to destroy the realm. Now a ruin of its former self though still the most sought-after location in all of the realm.


Pre Calamity population of 900,000  consisting of: Elfs Humans Dwarves Halflings


After the destruction of the city, Rox began to build a governing body to oversee the Xinx crystal. this naturally evolved into a settlement with a council to oversee I.


Pre destruction 200 Enhanced Soldiers 50 Spellcasters 150 Naval ships 3000 infantry soldiers The great Walls of Zriegast   Post Destruction Construct Defenders Firearms Airships The magnitude of magical wards

Industry & Trade

Pre destruction it was very isolated not needing its own trade but once destroyed:     Small Quantity of Xinx Crystals  Any relics salvaged from the floating ruins


    Pre Destruction
  1. The Slum Ring
  2. The Military Ring
  3. The Emerald Fields
  4. The Grand District Ring
  5. The Celestial Ring
Post Destruction:  There is only one town/ District sitting at the bottom of the floating islands.


  1. Xinx Crystals
  2. Construct Defenders
  3. Firearms
  4. Commercial Airships


beginning its construction in 1 Zarantyr 65 DH and completing it within 4 years the City was a large project overseen by both the Gritia Dynasty and the Kuvaria Kingdom with Designs by the high elves of Xin and materials provided by the Dwarves of Mor Todihr.   With the living haven defeated the undead in 75DH Zreigast became its own kingdom with the Aasamir Domliel leading it. Domliel Ruled this kingdom for 25 years but eventually was overthrown and murdered by a rouge faction within the city. The kingdom would then churn through rulers rather quickly becoming a more and more corrupt society where the elite isolated themselves within the inner walls while the rest of the kingdom fell to impoverishment and criminal activity over the next few hundred years.   In 658DH the Religious group known as the Islios Clergy helmed by a man known as Father Gabriel overthrew the corrupt council of Zriegast and took control of the city eliminating over 1000 soldiers in a single moment. using this new seat of power he began to build the city's might by creating enhanced soldiers and a band of very powerful disciples.   In 661DH Gabriel was confronted by the Wererat Investigation Bureau, the result of this fight saw the city of Zriegast blown apart and turned into a mass of floating islands while Gabriel himself and his Disciples were killed. Shortly the undead in the land began to stir all making their way to Zriegast once more. An unknown magical source began to grow deep within the city and showed no sign of stopping.   With Zriegast threatening to destroy the realm the Kingdom of Feakrith allied with Taston, Akadance The northlands, Shoyo and the Tartarus prisoners to lead a final offensive against the undead guarding the city. Providing a way for the Wererat Investigation Bureau to eliminate the source of the problem. The group was victorious, the energy building in the city instead formed a giant Xinx crystal.   Rox of the WIB worked tirelessly throughout the next 20 years to oversee the Xinx Crystal making sure that it never falls into the wrong hands the city become a hub of innovation where technology is advanced greatly but at a careful rate.


Completely flat plain


Cool but clear, very windy since it's on flat terrain.

Natural Resources

Xinx Crystals

Map of the City


Founding Date
Additional Rulers/Owners
Vehicles Present
Related Materials
The Destruction of Zriegast


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