Carriage of Affluence

It might be expensive, but once you have it you'll realise that it was worth every single gold piece.

- One noble to another

Lavish Horse drawn carriage designed for comfort. The best ones are said to iron out bumps to such a degree that you can sleep comfortably, even if the carriage is moving quickly.

These carriages are manufactured in Fevillesia, but only if a buyer pays half up front. the process takes about 200 days. Each carriage is handcrafted and made bespoke to each buyer and their preferences, making each carriage unique and very expensive. Currently, only 56 are known to exist on Auwan and all of its nations.

It is difficult to describe the design of the carriage, due to how much the buyers can influence the design. Some carriages have four wheels and uses four horses, while others have eight wheels and use ten horses. The most common design is the four wheeled, four horsed version with a leaf spring undercarriage and with the capability to transport four people.

According to the manufacturer of these carriages, the goal is to:

Give those of highest status in the world the best way to travel on land, combined with a great deal of personal aesthetics.

As far as anyone can tell, these goals have been achieved. The carriages are now known all over Auwan and looked upon with envy. There are rumours that an order for a carriage has come from a different continent even, but there are no confirmations.


Four horses

Communication Tools & Systems

A bell connected via strings

Carriage of Affluence
Used by
rolling comfort
More then you can afford
Very rare
2 crewmembers
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Up to four passengers, depending on the specification set by the buyer


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