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The Green

“There is no more Green on this Planet. So we no longer wear that color to honor it’s absence”

  • Blodalaabidah, High Priestess of the First Order of the White
  • Long ago the planet E’arde was covered in Green. Life carpeted the entire planet even in the areas where people had settled and built their towns which became cities and nations. There was always Green. There was always life. But the beginning of the confinement was sparked by the annihilation of all things on the planet’s surface except for those who chose to enter into their confinement in the glorious cities in the hope that their life would be preserved. The shield protected us, but nothing could protect the Green. Still to this day the planet’s surface remains an uninhabitable, barren, dangerous landscape. Nothing can survive out there. There is no shelter, no sustenance for which a person could survive off of. The continuing radiation alone would be the end of anyone ludicrous enough to wander outside of the walls. There has not been any Green to return after the destruction.   But what if that wasn’t true……   The “Up above”, the Upoben wants people to believe that they are safer within the ever vertically growing walls of the city, that the Green will never return, that it is a death sentence to leave confinement. But there is a growing rumor. A rumor that the Green has started to return. More importantly there is a rumor that Upoben courier drone cameras have spotted Green outside the walls. But rumors can be dangerous things, and another rumor says that people have been killed for speaking about the Green. If there is truly Green returning outside the walls, what can convince the people to continue their confinement and allow the Upoben to maintain the control they’ve had for centuries? The better question is will there be anyone brave enough, or foolish enough to investigate?


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    Vivianne Morena
    6 Aug, 2023 04:40

    T-T with the formatting you picked - the darks and neons - this gives me all the STRAY vibes and makes me want to cry. I'm really hoping the people can one day see the Green has actually returned for themselves. It would be great for them!

    6 Aug, 2023 18:47

    This has some fantastic story seeds in it. I hope that some brave soul does go out in search of green!

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