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Drûddâci - Greenlings ('dru:.ða:.ki)

The Drûddâci, or Greenlings as we Earthlings would call them, are one of the three major mountain ranges on Brictaelgis and lie in the central east of the continent. They, together with the three rivers Swùndrûdd, Lâris and Thointris, which originate here, form a natural border between the lands of Âdocôris, Taen Wôtris and Râx Êvâri.



The mountains were formed in the Age of Creation around 14,500 years ago, when the two continental plates Brictis and Eslaec collided and "piled up". It covers an area of approximately 750 km². The highest mountain of the Greenlings is the "Enaduin" with a height of 4,389 meters. Plants grow all over the mountains up to the highest altitudes. This means that the mountain still looks green even from far away, which led to the name “Greenlings”.
by Blue Fairy 74 via Inkarnate
During the Age of Creation and long before the Âdocôdix awakened, moss giants lived at the sources of the three great rivers. When Nystix, one of the four primordial gods that Âdocôdix wanted to create, the giants rebelled against him and the other gods. They did not want to be subjects of others. However, they lost the fight against the primordial gods and were transformed into the greenlings as a reminder to future civilizations.
- Stone tablets of Tæn Wôtris -

Even today, some of the mountains have shapes that could resemble their faces. Maybe they contributed to the creation of the legend?

At a Glance

Total area: approx. 750 km²
Highest Mountain: Enaduin 4.389 m
Average temperature: 10.5° C
Species: various mosses, lichens, short grasses, deciduous trees, bumblebee bugs, moose grouse, hay owls, grass rabbit, silver deer, green cat, wild boar
Resources: Âdaxas, Gree salt, Brúddá, Drûxas



It's hard to believe that there is hardly any snow on the green hills despite their height. The reason for this is the heat radiation that comes from the mountains. With an average temperature of around 10°C, the snow melts even at higher altitudes. These are optimal conditions for the many species of moss that thrive here.

1. Ina: Lichens and short grasses thrive at an altitude of 4,000 m to 4,400 m.
2. Enaed: Between 3,250 m and 4,000 m mainly small-leaved, flat moss species grow in a wide variety.
3. Brúddá: From 2,000 m to around 3,250 m, Brúddá and large-leaved moss species are common, providing good hiding places for small animals such as moss hens or grass hares. In addition, bumblebee bugs live in many small underground caves and collect the nectar of the green-flowered Brúddá to make honeydew. Druids use honeydew for the Initiation rite of the Âdocôdix.
4. Wôtri: Up to approx. 2,000 m, mainly deciduous trees grow in large, connected forests. Large animals such as Brictaelgian wild boars, silver deer, green cats and howls live here.
The mountains are divided into four vegetation zones: the forest, bumblebee flower, moss and grass zones.

Vegetationszonen der Drûddâci by Blue Fairy 74 (Collage Inkarnate/Whiteboard)


Green salt of the Drûddâci by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney
In addition to the aforementioned honeydew collected by the Druids, the Drûddâci are rich in mineral resources. In the mines at the foot of the mountains, Âdaxas, green salt and drûxas are mined. Âdaxas is a metal that, together with the national gemstone Drûxas, is mainly used to make jewelry. Green salt is used in medicine and by druids for magical rituals.

Cover image: Landschaften des Elements Erde by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage


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