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Crown Tristayn IV

(a.k.a. Tristayn the Just)

Tristayn led House Terim since the death in battle of his mother, the reigning Crown, during the Third Orc Wars. Many feared his mother's death would be the undoing of the Realm, but Tristayn took power with expertise belying his age. He won the heart of the people with his decisive military leadership, scattering the Orc clans that were raiding out of the Goliath Range, and averting the possible capture of the Bulwark.   During the final weeks of the war, while pursuing the Orc warbands that were trapped west of the Goliath Mountains, Tristayn's contingent were ambushed. He was struck by a cursed blade. His life was saved, by a cleric of Palavor, although the corrupted wound never truly healed. His recovery forced him home to Bastion, where he was finally invested as Crown of the Realms. The cleric was offered the role of Physician to the Crown, but returned to their previous service in a small hill town. However, the act did not go unrewarded:   Part of Tristayn's legacy will be his expansion on his late mother's plans to encourage the development of small agricultural centres. These have been enabled through both direct funding for settlement expeditions, and by the establishment of the Guild of Agrimancers, which intends to spread the use of limited arcane methods to compliment traditional farming techniques and reduce labour and land requirements.   In peace time, Tristayn maintained a good reputation among his subjects, and is seen as a just Crown. He has encouraged research into the ancient histories of Dordallion, and expanded the portfolio of The Crown Heralds to chronicle and spread the history of the Teriman Realms.   In recent years, Tristayn's age and injuries have taken a toll. Many of the duties of the Crown have been redistributed among his children.   Tristayn's children are Elayne,
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