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Bastion lies at the western end of the Pass of Unia. It is a majestic city, well kept to illustrate the majesty of the Teriman Realm. Bastion stretches from the coast toward the foothills of the Goliath mountains, surrounded by famous blue plains.     Bastion is the home of the Crown family, and the capital of the Teriman Realm.


While most associate the Teriman Crown and its governmental apparatus with Bastion, the city is run by a mayor, who is appointed directly by the Teriman Crown.   The mayor's responsibilities are predominantly internal to the city, and the role is at the top of a sprawling bureaucracy.


Bastion is home to many famous buildings and feats of modern engineering.  

The Blue Citadel

  Build at the very site of the last camp of the Teriman forces before marching on the Pass of Unia to reclaim the Bulwark. The citadel's great blue dome is visible throughout the city and is dyed each year with pigments collected from the great plains that surround Bastion.  

Adayr's Monument

Supposedly built where Adayr slew the leader of the Orc clans in the climactic battle of the First Orc Wars. The monument depicts the first Crown of Terima at the end of that great battle, raising the standard.  

The Cause

A huge, paved road, a quarter of a mile wide, leads directly from the keep of Bastion to the Bulwark. The road predates the city and is one of many hardy Praetorian roads found across Durath. In the young days of the city, some buildings were constructed on The Cause, but these have since been cleared by Crown Decree; the way is kept clear for military use except during festivals and celebrations.    

The Grand Harbour 

At the northernmost point of the
Alternative Name(s)
Last Canton, The Jewel of the Crown
One million
Owning Organization
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