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Ash Crawler

Written by Sierra Brown

A large, twisted, dark scaled lizard-like creature native to the Ak'Aidorian Ashlands. Ash crawlers are used as beasts of burden by the Drakon people.


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Ash Crawlers are gargantuan beasts found throughout the Ashlands of Ak'Aidor. The beasts are tame and have been domesticated by the Drakon people for use as beasts of burden, carrying both supplies and people across the lands. The creatures can vaguely be described as large, twisted, dark-scaled lizards that sit low to the ground with a wide stance. While they are tame, some Ash Crawlers can be trained to fight, though they aren't the most effective creatures for combat.


Typical roles for Ash Crawlers are the transportation of goods and people, use in trade caravans, and in some cases, an intimidation factor when meeting with other races. It is not uncommon to find several red-scaled War-born riding on the back of a single ash crawler with throwing axes, spears, and bows.


Despite their cumbersome appearance and what their name may imply, ash crawlers can travel at a surprisingly fast pace over long distances - Farther and faster than a traveling group of Drakon on their own. Many believe the ash crawlers were created by Kithar specifically for the Drakon people.


Ash crawlers are known for being omnivorous and having incredibly long life spans, with a single crawler surviving nearly two generations of Drakon.

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Oh boy! A small and yet good little article about a scary species! I really love the way you managed to describe them in such a short amount of words. I’ll get into what I liked about this article first before going into my critique   First of all, I really love how you managed to get most of the points of this prompt across in such a short amount of words and still manage to capture the readers interest . It really helps the reader when one is short on time and looks for a short yet good article to read and get inspired from. It also is an amazing quality that I myself envy!   Now time to get onto the critique. I apologise a lot of my feedback feels like it’s copy pasted and also because I didnt find much else to like about this article ( again trying not to be rude).:     1) First of all, Id like seeing more biological and scientific detail about the ash crawlers. What is their skeletal and muscular system like? Any special sensory organs or other senses that set them apart from Drakons and other species? I personally would like to see this since I’m a massive nerd for lots of details.     2) When were they first domesticated? What are the means of domesticating them? Are they domesticated from birth or from an infant stage or can adults be tamed too?. I think this part might be suitable for adding an extra layer of history to this article and would greatly improve it so that it just isn’t a boring bestiary book with dull Wikipedia like texts and such     3) What about their dietary needs? For such a big creature, I can already see a high metabolic need. What are their usual prey?   4) How are they culturally viewed amongst the Drakons and other races? Are they revered or feared? I think that this part would be the most important one since it would add an even bigger layer of richness and captivate the readers interest more if they get too tired of reading biological details a lot.   Also, a quote at the beginning could definitely help in capturing a reader into the article! Quotes are a personal favourite though but I still would recommend adding one.   Last but not least, I have to say that this article was still amazing. I know that this article might have been written in a hurry ( I can relate to that all too well) so no pressure in taking the feedback! Congrats Sierra and keep up the great work!