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The Ruins of Remosier

Remosier is a lost city laying in ruins for over 1000 years and is located in a southern section of the The Wylde Woode. Knowledge of the existence of the city and its location is known only to the The Gray Order. The order has mapped out what it believes to be the layout of the city, though the city was already in ruins for several centuries. The order documented the grounds to observe how the nature of the Wylde Woode affects the property. Otherwise the order does not use or conduct more in-depth archealogical study of the city in strict observance and support of the Wylde Woode to reclaim the natural forest to reclaim it. The order has sent representatives to various libraries and universities around the world to ensure no documentation or maps of the City of Remosier exists outside the order's own records.


Remosier was inhabited by the indigenous people of Karinshae, and died out long before the discovery and settlement by the continents current inhabitants.


The gray order documented the city's layout to appear to contain three districts on three tiers of land. The highest tier apepars to have the most opulent stone work and home plots. The middle tier consisted of a number of large and tall buildings that are thought to have been used for administration of the city and as a barrier between the high tier and low tier. The low tier contained clusters of small buildings appreentlly used for housing of serfs separated by fields that may have been used as grazing and farmland as it spreads out below the other tiers.


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