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The Gray Order

The Gray Order is a secret druidic organization dedicated to balance in all things nature, both flora and fauna. It fights against the encroachment of humanoid species into the Wylde Woode.


The Gray Order is lead by the Great Gray and an elite group of druids dedicated to the preservation of the Wylde Woode and preventing any encroachment into or through the Wylde Woode for any purpose other than held by the order iteself.


Xenophobic in nature, no one is known to have encoutered members of this order except via membership itself. Only members know the location of their base of operations and training which is located within the Wylde Woode. Recruitment is done via kidnapping and then applying brainwashing techniques as training. Failure in the recruitment process results in the recruit's disappearance, never to be spoken of again. Operating very much like a cult, the order is self-sufficient and trades with no communities. The order created and is the exclusive maker and user of the Canoegan. In order to protect itself from outside influences, maintain its secrecy, and carry out its mission to protect the Wylde Woode, the order takes direct and violent action against any intruders into the Wylde Woode.

Public Agenda

No known public agenda as the organization itself is not known publicly.


The order maintains a primary facility deep in the heart of the Wylde Woode with multiple smaller settlements spread throughout the woode to carry on its mission. It creates and farms only to sustain its own needs, however the organization will steal materials it needs periodically supplies, like building materials, it cannot itself provide, since they will not trade any part of the Wylde Woode resources itself to structures, farmland, etc.
Alternative Names
The Grays, The Gray Balance
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