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The Great Gray

The Great Gray is the rank of an elected member of The Gray Order to be the final authority and leader of the order. The current Great Gray, Sydnee Destien, has been in office for the last ten years, after increasing membership through successful "drives" compared to those of his predecessor.


The Great Gray must be a member of The Gray Order in good standing, having demonstrated complete devotion to the Wylde Wood and mentoring and guidance to other members of the order.


No ceremony or other conveyance of the rank is conferred as the Gray Order believes actions not directed at the preservation of the Wylde Woode are considered blasphemous.


The Great Gray will oversee a personally selected cabinet who then oversee the everyday operations of the order and the daily practices of the membership. The Great Gray will also address the membership twice weekly to lead them in group prayers to the spirits of the Wylde Woode.

The Great Gray rarely leaves the confines of the Wylde Woode, but travels extensively within it. Periodically this means directly leading teams or patrols to eliminate adventuring expeditions, though this has occurred lately with much less frequently than in the past. When travelling, the Great Gray is accompanied by a minimal entourage to minimize the impact of said travels to the Wylde Woode.


The Great Gray oversees the well-being of the order, its membership, and it devotion to the Wylde Woode.
Active, though hidden if The Great Gray travels outside the Wylde Woode.
Form of Address
His Grayness, His Greatness, Master Gray
Alternative Naming
GG, The G
Source of Authority
The membership of The Gray Order gives the Great Gray his authority.
Length of Term
Election until voluntary retirement, death, or new election by the membership.
Current Holders
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