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Sydnee Destien

Sydnee Destien was an ecological activist often arguing against expansion of civilization and its encroachment on the natural habitats of indigenous peoples and wildlife.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sydnee expressed an interest in nature and ecology at a young age often spending hours finding, studying, and documenting his observations in daily journals. As Sydnee began his academic studies at Farafot University he became radicalized protesting and fighting the university over some of its curriculum that advocated the expansion of civiliation and civiliation's right to do so. By the end of his first semester of study, Sydnee eschewed the university dorms and cafeterias in favor of camping and foraging. Sydnee would move his "camp" to various locations around campus much to the chagin of university authorities and Sydnee was eventually expelled. Sydnee restarted his studies at Ildioewa University. He worked with university authorities to allow him to keep his outdoor lifestyle, but only in pre-approved areas controlled by the university. He continued his practice to move his camp between these areas though his reasons for doing so remain unknown. While sociable with the other students his lifestyle and deep rooted beliefs that often and quickly became the focus of any conversation, Sydnee was considered an outcast and there were groups of students that harassed him both physically and mentally. By his begining of his fourth year of study, Sydnee had collected a small group of a dozen or so followers, tha also adopted his semi-nomadic lifestyle while continuing their studies. Near the end of that year, Sydnee disappeared. The administration breathed a collective sigh of relief, as Sydnee's followers quickly abandoned the lifestyle and returned to conventional life amongst the other students. The administratino simply accepted that Sydnee grew tired of his studies and moved elsewhere. In actuality, Sydnee was kidnapped by The Gray Order and under the scrupulous oversight of the order, Sydnee flourished in this environment giving him structure, a "family" with similar beliefs, and a rweal focus upon the preservation of The Wylde Woode.
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