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Dosjorya's oldest human settlement, and one of it's largest. It was built a short ways inland along the Grashen River to better access any natural resources and to ward against the effects of ocean storms. For much of its history, Landfall was believed to be Dosjorya's most fortified city, though a focus on Hasenburg's importance has shifted this title to the capital city.  
Two thousand years of habitation, growth, and change have transformed Landfall into a haphazard settlement ringed by two thick stone walls and sliced by thinner, crumbling fortifications that are no longer needed. Near the center stands a citadel that had been built in part during the Gendirl War as a fortress to protect the citizens. This citadel no longer serves a defensive capability, instead having been converted to house elite citizens of the city.    Wide clearings have been made around the citadel centuries ago to allow for nightly spring festivals unique to Landfall. Surrounding these clearings is the city's sole market, a large sprawling ring of shops, tents, and stalls for permanent and traveling merchants. Though the Grashen River does not provide Landfall with a direct route deep into the continent, Landfall's proximity to the ocean allows it to be a center for commerce.   Beyond the immediate center, the scars of expansion make their presence known. A collection of poorly built houses sits immediately to the north east, an area that is believed to be the burial ground for the men who died fighting against the Gendirlo long ago. Superstition prevents all but the poor from building here, and no one is willing to provide building materials to erect proper stone houses here.

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