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The Great Doors Of Guldhuset

These two enormous doors span the 100 foot high entrance to the dwarven citadel of Guldhuset. Their constructions was meant to not only safeguard the inhabitants but to also influence any who came to the city.   Constructed of beautiful and durable granite, the dwarven architects designed an elaborate moving carving on the doors surface. The outer doors contained two 50 foot carved dwarves wielding huge pickaxes. Both the upper parts of the dwarves and their pickaxes slowly turn and move as though they were mining, throughout the course of the day and night.   At the height of Guldhusets power, the entire doors and carvings were covered in gold gilding that reflected the suns light so that all could see them for miles. The affluence of the citadel attracted many new inhabitants, including the hero Dal Hammersong. Eventually the temptation of the vast gold reserves drew the attention of the red dragon, Zinnoberood and led to the destruction of the city.   Once golden and great, now blackened by flame, the ruins sit as a revered reminder of the once glorious days and heroism of Dal Hammersong. Many dwarves still make pilgrimages to the fateful site and listen at the great door for the faint beating that’s rumored to resound in the ruined depths.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

An elaborate series of gears, pulleys, and timers are moved by a steady stream of water that flows behind the doors.  The water flow is easily controlled by lever operated floodgates that control the speed and force of the water.  This intricate system allows for fine tuning of the huge stone carvings that move on the outside of the great doors.


These great doors were constructed to show the vast wealth, ingenuity, and sophistication of the citadel and these specific dwarven people. All visitors, allies, and potential enemies were awed by the grandeur of the design and execution of the moving carvings.
Item type
Creation Date
2371 B.S.
Destruction Date
1695 B.S.
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Although similar structures exist on other dwarven settlements, this one is unique and captures the hard working and mining personalities of this citadel.
Raw materials & Components
These great doors were carved out of the black, pink, and grey speckled mountain granite. Quartz accents were later added as well as the gold gilding.


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