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Guldhuset was a dwarven city and vassal state of the Kingdom of Aukso Talo. It was located inside of one of the extremely gold rich mountains in the Sunset Peaks in the Long Echo Mountains. Due to the exuberant amount of gold bearing ore, the settlement quickly grew in both population and fame and soon became known as the largest gold producing city in the world. As its fame grew so too did the number of dwarves who came to the mountain. Eventually its great notoriety and gold drew the attention of the red dragon Zinnoberood. The savage creature attacked the city, killed the unprepared defending soldiers, and trapped the citizens inside. A desperate plan by Dal Hammersong destroyed the evil dragon but cost him his life as he brought the mountain down upon them both. Guldhuset has never been rebuilt since that fateful day.


This dwarven city was made up almost entirely of dwarves with a few craftsman and traders of other races, mostly gnomes. Being that this was a vassal state of the Kingdom Of Aukso Talo, very few nonaurum dwarves received permission to live here. Prior to its fall the residents here were approximately 92% Aurum, 4% Ruball, 3% Sharbon, and 1% Acero dwarf.

Natural Resources

The mountain city of Guldhuset has access to many natural resources that are found in the area of the Long Echo Mountains. From the outside, the mountain offers a substantial source of lumber from pine trees and the wilderness is full of melting snow waters and cold water streams. Many species of fish can be caught and the area is full of deer, elk, black bears, bobcats, coyotes, and raccoons.   The most valuable resources occur within the mountain itself. Vast amounts of multicolored granite stone and shiny white quartz are readily available here. However the greatest resource that originally drew the ancient dwarves to this location and from whence it took its name is the infinitely desired gold.   The sheer volume of gold that was being produced here quickly turned the small city into the number one supplier of gold in world and earned the nickname “The House Of Gold”.
Patron State:
  • The Kingdom Of Aukso Talo

1695 B.S.

Alternative Name(s)
The House Of Gold
Large town
There were approxiamtely 6,200 permanent residents when it fell.
“What are they doing down by the "Great Doors"? You don’t know? Well legends say that if you get really close and listen intently, that you can still hear Dal Hammersong tapping on his drums.”


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