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Metal Caller

"Please, do not congratulate me on creating such a magnificent work. It has always existed there. All that I did, was simply remove some of the rough edges that were preventing it from springing forth into our world."
— Remeslo, Master Artificer
    A Metal Caller is not just a fancy smith, but a rare profession of forger and artist that blends metal working skill with magical talents in order to fabricate a truly magnificent object.  These items are often imbued with magical properties or abilities and are not only functional and reliable, but also quite beautiful.    These rare crafters believe that their items are not so much created by being pounded and wrought into the desired shape, but are instead coxed and called forth into being by the great skill, knowledge, will, and soul of the Metal Caller themselves.



Metal Callers commonly start out as simple metalsmith apprentices who quickly surpass their teachers. Their speed and quality of workmanship quickly becomes the talk of the town. Their leisure time is usually spent researching and practicing new methods of forging that eventually leads them to try incorporating magic into their works.  While many "Callers" do learn to cast magic themselves it is not a required trait, what is required is that their souls have to be open to and compatible with magic.  After their first successful "Calling", their love of crafting is amplified and their career path is set forever.



Metal Callers fill a rare societal niche in big cities, affluent areas, and places with a steady need of magical items and mighty weapons.  These areas reap the rewards of having extraordinary defenses and magical wonders, that attract tourists, promote trade, spur the economy, and provide safety and security for its inhabitants.

Social Status

Perceptions of this profession vary greatly depending upon the observer.  While some, usually the poor and downtrodden, view them as overpriced blacksmiths, others, particularly children and the uneducated, stand in awe of them as being touched by the gods themselves.  Typically most people see them as master craftsmen capable of creating amazing things with their talents.


This profession is an extremely rare and demanding one that requires an unusual set of prerequisites. As such, perhaps 1 in 5 cities has a single Metal Caller working there. While an individual from any race can follow this profession, the necessity to work with or along side magic and to be a master forger, generally precludes most from choosing to be a Metal Caller.



The Metal Caller uses all of the same tools as other blacksmiths and crafters, but they are of the highest quality. Depending upon the item being called forth and shaped from the materials, other more unique or magical tools may also be involved.


The list of materials in even an introductory forge are as numerous as the day is long.  All varieties of common and rare metals, woods, gemstones, powders, and so forth are vital to running even the simplest of shops.


The forge and workshop of a Metal Caller is a sight to behold, giving even the most organized, clean and tidy churches a run for their money.  Those called to this profession are meticulous perfectionists and their work spaces are an extension of those qualities. Those who enter the area are often surprised at its cleanliness and regularly think that the shop is brand new or has never been used.

Provided Services

The crafting and working of any metallic item can be requisitioned here.  Although most will only accept commissions involving rare, magical, or unusual pieces.  They will quickly recommend another smith for any of the more mundane or boring items.

Dangers & Hazards

Most of the usual dangers associated with typical smiths and forges are nearly nonexistent here due to the "Callers" extreme care, skill, and organization.  However, when dealing with the complexities of metal calling and the involvement of magical practices, other much more dangerous risks do occasionally present themselves.
A city containing a Metal Caller is a fortunate luxury. Their incredible skills at crafting metal quickly become known far and wide and their services are highly sought after.
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