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Exodus Class Destroyer

The Exodus class is a newer vessel in the USSF line of Destroyers and the second warp-capable destroyer, replacing the Iriquois-Class Destroyer that was in use during the Second Colonial War. Developed only a few years before the Interspecies War, the Exodus class has become a significant part of the war effort and among the most common capital ships in the fleet. It is a long, narrow vessel designed almost exclusively for unleashing metric tons of pain upon any ships and ground targets that stand in its path.


The Exodus class is propelled by 4 massive IC-Fusion engine blocks near the rear of the vessel, which allows it to accelerate at up to 18 g (beyond safe limits). However, fleet regulations and the limits of the human body means the maximum true acceleration is 4 g. It is also equipped with an extensive rcs system for maneuvering and some versions of the Exodus class also possess two forward-facing dedicated retrograde thrusters. These have a max acceleration of about 2 g.

Weapons & Armament

The Exodus class is dedicated to duking it out with other ships, and its weapon compliment reflects that. Each vessel carries into battle 20 Capital-grade cannons, 12 Medium cannons, 12 multi-function CIWS turrets, 4 light railguns, and a single spine-mounted medium railgun. They also carry a variety of nuclear and non-nuclear kinetic missiles. Exodus-class vessels also feature a full electronic warfare suite to disrupt enemy systems and preserve the destroyer's own systems.

Armor and defense

Armor doesn't mean much in space combat (a single hit from the average fighter's weapon can cripple a large vessel), but the Exodus class has a particularly unique armor design among spacecraft. Its internal design, in addition to having a number of redundancies, is capable of containing and limiting the extent of damage from a direct hit. While it does little to protect the impact area, it allows the vessel to remain operational after taking fire. Most of the ship's defenses are concentrated around active countermeasures such as point-defense rounds, flares, D-Fields, and EP shields mounted as plates on the exterior.

Communication Tools & Systems

While the Exodus class represents improvements in technology across the board, communications reaped none of these benefits. The speed of light is the limiting factor: while the ship can send and receive messages up to two light years away, by the time a message reaches the ship from that distance it is two years old. However, it has seen some minor improvements in data transfer rates when at close range. The vessel also contains full launch racks for 4 Courier Drone .

Hangars & docked vessels

Some models of the Exodus-class are designed with hangar bays on the upper and lower sides of the ship. They can each hold up to four F-52 Hawks.
by jmcninja
Owning Organization
36 Billion NAD
1240 ft
120000 tons (dry mass)
Warpless: 0.8 c (max achieved), 0.99 (theoretical) Warp average: .7 ly/day
Complement / Crew
320 USSF personnel, 60 minimum
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to 400 Marine or Army personnel

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Author's Notes

A short 3d test animation is in the works featuring the Destroyer. It'll be on my youtube channel whenever it eventually finishes rendering.

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