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Monster Hunter Heirois Lancaron Deltorin (a.k.a. Witcher)

The Witcher of Earth-45, known as the Witcher, was a gnome monster hunter and former witch slayer that wanted nothing more then coin, ale, and a purpose. As it was said "toss a coin to the Witcher and your bounty is as good as dead."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Only 3' 2" and 55 lbs, Witcher has a very muscular physique.

Body Features

Witcher is covered in many body scars from prior hunts.

Facial Features

Witcher has a large scare along his face from a past hunt.

Apparel & Accessories

Heirois wears the armor his grandfather willed to him, studded leather capable of poison resistance. He carries a silver sword called Silversoul and wields an oathbow called Snake's Bane.

Specialized Equipment

Heirois is specialized in hunting monstrosities, though he made a name for himself killing a witch that was a beast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The First Monster Hunter

Heiron Deltorin first of his name was born Heiron of Soubar, a blacksmith's son. Though he learned the trade of his father, Heiron would eventually choose to join the Soubar local militia. Serving for some years, Heiron would rise to prominence and be selected as captain of the militia. After a decades worth of work, Heiron would establish a formal guard and in the guard he would travel wide. With little to do but police the countryside putting out flames, it would take many years before Heiron would be offered the opportunity to prove himself in combat. In a fierce battle, Heiron would best a local brigand but make a great enemy. For his exemplary service Heiron would be celebrated as a hero but as a hero, he would be offered a grand quest. The small village begged Heiron to slay a local legend, a supposed werewolf. The guard captain would track the beast, exemplifing his cunning, and slay it. Declared by all the village to be The Great Monster Hunter, Heiron of Soubar of the Forgotten Folk would found his house as nobility and declare his name, Deltorin. As Heiron Deltorin, the Great Monster Hunter, he would retire from his post to hunt the greatest beasts of all. As Heiron set out into the world, the guard he founded would fall but he would never faulter. Heiron would hunt his many enemies and the beasts plagueing the realm and for his life long service and his life of truth, justice, and pure loyalty; he would be given a coat of arms by the High Observer of Elturgard, the white shield. In his lifetime, Heiron would father a child and he would establish a name and in it a tradition of glory and a drive for the creation of a legend. His son would be named Braccious Heiron Deltorin, he would train under his father and learn to slay monsters of his own.  

Glory in Elturgard

Given a quest by the High Observer of Elturgard to hunt an artifact and symbol of the Amaunator, Braccious would begin his legend. Braccious would travel to the Marsh of Chelimber in search of this artifact and he would find victory in his quest. In victory, he would be wounded but for his strength to return and his victory in the name of the High Observer, the Deltorin crest would be given a waved belt of valor for his adventure across the marsh. The wave would be part red for his victory and part blue for his loyalty. Before his early death, Braccious would father a son and carry on his father's tradition of building a legend, this son would be named Titus Braccious Deltorin and he would learn from his father the ways of the Monster Hunter.  

Rise of the Mentor

In his life, Titus would see a great many combats. Issued bounty after bounty, Titus would rid the land of foes and fouls in single combat. Family legend holds that he would fight odds as impressive as six to one. Titus was a hard blooded warrior and he would never settle; for in his world, there was only war. For his many victories the new High Observer of Elturgard offered only a quest. Ordered to hunt a doppleganger masquerading as a foreign merchant Titus was paid to slay him, Titus would accept the quest and not the order and travel as far as Thay where he had many adventures. Upon his return two years later, he would fall briefly in love with a noblewoman and marry her whilst accepting another belt of valor upon his family crest. Giving his treasures to his love and returning to his wars, Titus would leave his wife's side to return to battle across Faerûn until unknown times. To his son, all he had truly given was the noble name, Lancaron Titus Deltorin. Lancaron would not follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and that was truly where his son, Heirois Lancaron Deltorin's story began.  

Life of the Monster Hunter

Heirois would be given the opportunity to return to the Monster Hunter mantle of his fore-bearers when he was offered the opportunity to train under his grandfather. Titus, weak and roadweary, had finally returned from his adventuring. At the age of three hundred and eighty and one of the oldest gnomes around, Titus began teaching his young grandson, at the age of eleven, the truth of life. For sixty years, Titus proved to Heirois that in life there is only war. Blood for blood and sweat for sweat, Titus taught Heirois that the family motto should always ring true, "boldly and rightly." Titus taught Heirois that he must seek justice bravely and where none can be found, he must seek vengeance boldly. At the age of seventy-one, Heirois would set out ready to adventure. Armed with his creed and his wealth of knowledge, Heirois would stride forward Boldly and Rightly.   When Heirois Lancaron Deltorin still bore black hair, he dedicated his life to slaying monsters but when his face was still youthful, he trained by doing. Accepting the suggestion of Titus, Heirois had joined the local militia in Soubar as crime began to run rampant. Heirois had always dreamed of the honor of his forebearers and a place among the small militia would certainly offer him just that, much to his mother's woe. Heirois's mother taught him wisdom, intelligence, and compassion for others, and even introduced him to his mentor, his grandfather, when Titus came home. Having had the time to become more then a warrior, Titus was an astrologist and a wiseman who began to live the life of a hermit, which Heirois loved. All the while his father taught him the hardships of labor and his born duty to his fellow man and the realm but he also taught Heirois petty hate and an anger for a boy toward his father. Taking to his mother in his early years, Heirois spent time with his mentor and soaked up everything he could. Heirois learned the stars from Titus and there too he learned the history of the world and the world beyond Elturgard. As life carried Heirois, the quick-learner, forward, he fell from his hate of his father and turned it toward his smothering mother. At age sixteen Heirois passed his militia training as his bastard older brother, Taylore, had done before him. Heirois finally met his dream and became a member of the militia. He was assigned patrol duty within the militia and he would patrol the road between his small village and a founding hamlet, both surrounded by lush, green country sides and vast forests. Heirois had a very creative mind then and a vivid imagination too. He loved to hear tales from the locals and Titus' stories specifically. Along his walks, the young man would dream up stories to tell the children of each hamlet and he tried desperately to never tell a tale twice. One day, whilst recanting a tell in his favorite of the two towns an older listener passed by. She had long, wavy-blond hair, slightly-tanned skin, and gorgeous blue eyes. The beautiful lass was no older then eighteen then and her name, Heirois would learn, was Alivia. For Heirois it was love at first glance and upon the sight of him it was love at first sight for her too. He knew by her description however that she must be the lady betrothed to one of the hamlet lord's sons, Coellan, who lived in one of his father's homes in the hamlet he patrolled, Polkan. After many stories Heirois boldly spoke to the promised woman and the two threw caution to the wind. Neither one of them caring for their duties, the two teenagers would fall madly in love and spend hours together in the meadows where they begged for a strong gale to bring them together.   Hearing wild tales from the southern woods and loving to tell tales themselves, Heirois and Alivia decided to further their love in those woods. With their love consummated, she fell deeply in love with him and it caused him to know the true power behind the world. With both towns beginning to notice Heirois and Alivia's relationship and Heirois's new found bravery and bravado, rumors began to start surrounding that couple. Still betrothed, the rumor that Alivia was a whore sprang mostly from her betrothed. One day, as Heirois entered his hometown, Alivia came running up to him and embraced him, begging for him to get her out of her betrothal; for Coellan had spread a dozen dirty rumors of her only after striking her. Heirois immediately left for the hamlet, Polkan, where he knew he would find Coellan. Upon approaching the small hamlet Coellan was found standing on the edge with four of his friends. Armed with a Longsword he'd taken from Titus' stash on his way over, Heirois dueled the two friends Coellan sent forward and knocked them out.   "You there, you'll come back with me and apologize, I'll not have you spread your lies." Heirois called as he pointed his sword at Coellan. "Just because you are the son of a known fool doesn't mean you are untouchable."   "Oh, you intend to strike me for that whore?" Coellan called back. "You must be the prostitutes mark then and sullied her true!"   "I should have your tongue for that you honor-less dog." Heirois yelled in retort.   "I think my friends will have yours for that, fiend." Coellan threatened as he motioned the two remaining axe-wielding friends forward.   "You don't want to do this," Heirois warned as he dispatched the men with ease, truly his training with the blade was on his side. When one refused to yield after clearly being bested several times Heirois accidentally killed him as the man charged up from the ground. Coellan rushed Heirois whom he charged to be a murderer but with grace on his side, Heirois knocked Coellan on his backside and put his sword to Coellan's throat asking him to yield. Coellan yielded and as he did the locals, who'd been surrounding them all, ran over to help the injured. As Heirois began to walk Coellan to his home village for the apology; Heirois kicked away the axe of a man whom began to stir. The man immediately drew a dagger and plunged it into Heirois's stomach. Heirois drove his sword it into the man's chest and the other of the first two attackers charged Heirois but Heirois killed him as well. Heirois kicked the back of Coellan's knees forcing him to the ground and with the threat of his life forced him to take back his words. When Coellan recanted, Heirois fell and kicked up dirt. Nearly dying from his wounds, Heirois bleed heavily there on the path out of the hamlet; that path he'd walked safely on duty so many times before.   When Heirois awoke again he found himself in the aid of his grandfather. For his honor in a fight for honor his grandfather, who could not have been more proud, mended Heirois over a period of months. There beneath Titus' favored stars, Heirois would become whole again but only in body. Titus would tell Heirois, as he healed, that during his time in death's grasp, Alivia was arrested by Coellan who used his father's influence to persuade the hundred or so locals that the arrest was lawful. He told Heirois that a riot had broken out by the order of Coellan's bandit father and it had caused their hamlet to burn. In anger, they swiftly seized Soubar and claimed it. Taken before the people of Soubar and the new occupying bandits from Polkan, Alivia was set to be executed before that town. Dawning a cloak on the day of execution and only half healed, Heirois entered the small hamlet even though he feared he would be charged for his crimes; only to witness the execution of Alivia first hand. Heirois watched as his woman had a sack placed over her head and was hung on The Hanging Tree. Broken over the loss of his love, Heirois returned to the forest on the hill that overlooked the meadow where he and his love once rested. He vowed there that he would have vengeance on Coellan.   Time would pass though as Heirois' training continued for another fifty-five years, heart broken he would refuse to leave the forest, but as he trained, trouble brewed. The criminals and raiders and those far more barbaric would move into the town. The culture of crime would grow and the mantle of bandit leader would pass from his old and dying father to Coellan. Human refuse would consume Soubar and scatter good folk and all gnomes. Heirois's vow was stripped from him then, as the town became to much to take on, and justice would not be found by his hand, as is fate in the cruel world. Heirois watched as the forest slithered in and reclaimed Polkan but eventually he would come to know that he had to move on. Heirois would come to hate himself for his failure, Titus would pass peacefully some time after, and word would never be sent as to where his people had gathered and relocated. Heirois then managed his way toward civilization and at the age of seventy-one having killed four men he would find his way toward his first monster.   Over the next sixty years, Heirois patiently tracked over a dozen monsters and strategically slayed them one by one. He gained his own renown well into his kills when the gnome monster hunter was contracted by a noble of Waterdeep to hunt and exterminate his sister whom had transformed into a beastly witch. Heirois tracked the beast across Faerûn and he fought tooth and nail to the edge of his own life to kill the monstrosity. Celebrated as the Witch Hunter in Waterdeep, Heirois gained a few more contracts and hunted them to slaughter. Celebrated as the witch hunter, the witch slayer, and the witch slaughterer the gnome was satisfied for awhile. Eventually the "witcher," as he began to be called for brevity, met a group of bandits from his hometown. Coellan now long dead, Coellan's adult son sought to do what his father could not with minions. The Witcher slaughtered them but not without due downfall. Accused of triple homicide, after killing the minions, Heirois was run out of town and put back on the road. White-haired and one hundred and thirty-one years old, the Witcher set about his path looking for his next bounty. Having crossed the path of so many that were friendly in the north, the Witcher strode northward for Mirabar and wealth.  

The Witcher's Wild Hunts

When Heirois left home he took a pack, an idea of who he was prepared to be, and the case his grandfather had left to him. In an inn, in a private room, Heirois opened the case to reveal weapons, armor, and a note. The note read:
Dear Heirois,   Everything contained within this chest is for you my boy, your father would have no use of them. The armor should fit you fine, I wore it in my prime and it served me well. Polish the armor as I have and ensure its tacits and you will have it to pass on one day as well. You've wielded my silvered sword, Soulsilver, before but never my bow. This bow is known as an oathbow, if you remember the story I told you of it, you will remember I call it Snake's Bane and the Elven phrase that it will offer. If you will reply as I did in the story you will bring wrath upon your enemies just as in the story. Oil the strings as you were taught in training and place it with care but wield it with fury. As always, take care in sharpening Heiron's silver sword, as you know well that Soulsilver can be tempermental. Use all these things in the pursuit of monsters and never surrender. Remember my boy, with all things, go forth Boldly and Rightly.   With love, Titus
  Heirois wore the armor to fight the disgusting, and frightening, scaled enemies of his grandfather, he carried Soulsilver to slay were-creatures as his great-great grandfather had, and fired Snake's Bane to find true monstrosities in his own battles. Fully equipped, Heirois found his first contract in the very inn he geared up in.   Six years into his travels, the Witcher used a stellar gateway to travel into the cosmic Outlands in the area of Forlorn Hope. After spending a few months exploring the plane, he founded  the Witch Hunting Guild with the Burnside Mercenaries at the start of the next year.


Heirois gained his first bit of training with Titus, his grandfather, and the local militia of Soubar. Heirois became more experienced after defeating the bandits in Polkan. Heirois gained a great deal of experience in his fifty-five years of training. He became a renown fighter in his monster hunting years.


Employed on a by contract basis.


Contacts & Relations

Wizards of the Blue Thunderbolts and the Host Tower of the Arcane

Family Ties

Distant family displaced from Soubar, Elturgard.

Religious Views

The faith of his home nation, Torm.
Current Location
Year of Birth
944 CE 121 Years old
Soubar, Elturgard, Faerûn
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
White-ish Gray
55 lbs

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