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Kingdom Come

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Dies Multiverse
Feb. 1, 2020 | Full
In this campaign our intrepid heroes find themselves in Athulus, with little in the way of a past they must carve out a home and a name for themselves. The heroes strive to a better life and a better name as the bring about a renaissance of power.

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Scheduled Sessions

Sat 28th March 2020 21:00

Episode Thirty-four - The Path of Heroes

The party return.

Sessions Archive

20th Jun 2020

Session Forty - Shadows of Madness

The party explores the dragon's lair and find more secrets.

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13th Jun 2020

Episode Thirty-nine - Lost Dungeon of Rickedness

The party encounters Rick Sanchez.

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23rd May 2020

Episode Thirty-eight - Big Rick Energy

The party explore the Lost Dungeon of Rickedness.

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16th May 2020

Session Thirty-seven - Red Larch and Beyond

The Champions arrive in Red Larch to find things are not what they seem.

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10th May 2020

Episode Thirty-six - Soul Stone

The Godfather Gem of the Soul.

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25th Apr 2020

Special Event Episode - Siege of Áthulus

Áthulus comes under siege by barbarians.

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11th Apr 2020

Episode Thirty-five - In the Hands of Death

The heroes explore Áthulus.

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22nd Mar 2020

Episode Thirty-three - Chaos Courtesans

Barbarians in the trees.

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14th Mar 2020

Episode Thirty-two - Whispering Woods

The party start an adventure.

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4th Mar 2020

Episode Thirty-one - Betrayal at the Fated Crossing

Simadar of Fulkne betrays the villagers one more time.

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3rd Mar 2020

Episode Thirty - The Witching Hour

The players enter the tomb of The Witching Hour's Sage.

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22nd Feb 2020

Episode Twenty-nine - Tears in the Night

A challenge faces Áthulus.

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8th Feb 2020

Episode Twenty-eight - Fated Crossing

A fated crossing.

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The Protagonists

Marlyn of Tyne

Hardholder of Delos Ibrahim Bastue Abdullah

Arvin Wainwright