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Tomes of Chalanna

The Bedrock of the Holy See's Religion and Aims to Preserve the Great Dance

Written by David_Ulph

Saint Chalanna, blessed be his name, departed this Mortal Realm leaving more questions than answers. His unrecoverable death occurring mere days after his final work was completed must not be overlooked as mere coincidence. The entire life of one who bears the Crown of Thorns is significant, down to the minute detail. This is how Fate works in mysterious ways.   His final piece. "Destiny". A painting which hangs in the splendour of Helden and shows a Great Shadow ascending from the darkness and into light. In this darkness, one can make out the husks of the Gods, the Dragons, and the Archfey, devoured and empty. The Shadow is not one colour, it is split down the middle one side white and the other black. In the hand of the black half, the Shadow holds an orb of white and the opposite in the white half. There is light in darkness, and darkness in light.
On the Saint of the Holy See


THIS ARTICLE IS HEAVILY WIP. In terms of Article, we have no Article
Well, not fully right now. The Tomes are collections of short stories that for most I just have the skeleton notes for or just a vague idea. The Third Tome was always going to feature the end of the world that already happened but in the future (yeah, Chalanna's story is.. weird, very timey wimey, and I apologise for not developing him just yet) concerning the battle between Celestials and Fiends on the Mortal Realm and the collapse of all reality with only a Nightmare remaining. Whenever I flesh out the other Tomes, or change/add to the Third Tome I'll make the article private then ping it again. Please, enjoy the first written one of my apocalypses! (it is written in the read document section, below is the context and in-world commentary)

First Tome


Second Tome


Third Tome

The Third Tome describes the events of the Great Dance from a different perspective during the Great Collapse. It goes on to describe after the point in which time was supposedly reset into the current timeline of the Realms. The Holy See draw upon this Third Tome to strike divine fear into the faithful, to warn all inhabitants of this Mortal Realm to fear the end. To fear the outcome that will most certainly be repeated if Saint Chalanna's Holy See are unsuccessful in saving the Great Dance as intended.
It's true author is unknown, and is not attributed to Chalanna himself. In one tale, the Crown-Bearing Chalanna made a solitary expedition along the Silver Mountains in order to find the holiest artefact required to complete his plan for the future; the Wheel of Fortune. Throughout this journey, on four trials spoken of in the Second Tome as a means to describe the troubles which will arrive in the future, Chalanna uncovers a scroll at the end of each. If there was any knowledge of who wrote these scrolls, and left them on the Mortal Realm, Chalanna does not describe in any of his known works. Some believe perhaps Chalanna's final work, the painting known simply as Destiny holds the true answer to this query somewhere.

The Wounded Hand

The "sign of the Wounded Hand" creates many schools of thought within the Holy See. Between those who view it as a sign of the end to come, that there is no hope in going back, or something consisting of a completely different metaphysical view.
Those who claim it will be a new constellation in the stars placed by the Sleeping God when it ascends as a mark of the Great Collapse. Those who state is simply the symbol worn by those who bring about this end. Those most faithful to the Pontifex Maximus within the organisation of the Holy See have criticised their opposition faction led by the Archbishop of Doldrei.
This faction wears the symbol in a view that they must take any and all action to prevent this outcome even if it causes the end of the Holy See itself. The Helden Loyalists claim their instigations of violence will break apart the See and the ensuing rift would lead directly to this apocalypse.

The Sleeping God

The Sleeping God is mentioned extensively throughout the Third Tome, and has led to much belief that it may be connected to the Nightmares all on the Mortal Realm have been suffering from recently. The Doldrei Orthodox Faction claim the Nightmare will feast until it is full and only then will rise up as depicted in "Destiny", leading to the end of the Great Dance.

Twisted Tree

The Twisted Tree once again appears in this Tome as it has in almost every other Tome. Its description often changes, such as in this Tome it is supposedly bleeding but provides more description of the Great Owl which roosts atop it than the Tree itself. The sense that being in the presence of the Tree allows someone to recall or retain the knowledge of the previous timeline, and therefore explaining the existence of the scrolls has led to the frantic search of this tree.
While the Holy See internally argues this, the best held theory is the Twisted Tree sits at the heart of the Ironwood due to many raiding Wood Elves leaving the forest wearing effigies of this Tome's description of the Great Owl.

Fourth Tome


Fifth Tome

Manuscript, Religious


When the Serpent meets the Crown, the Great Beast will rise. Churches will be ablaze, graves that never were asleep will rise, all craving to be deemed worthy of His cardinal gaze.

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Author's Notes

Third Tome published 29/1/21. If you see anything that doesn't quite look write please comment!

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