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Winter, 4E 297

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A world sculpted by the Gods, now quiet and distant after their ideological war across the Realms escalated. This Mortal Realm has had no one to look over it for some time. No one to guide it to and from the right and wrong decisions. No one to save it from the power of the Nightmare.       The Mortal Realm of the Cosmology now sits in its Fourth Era - the Age of Thorns, the Mortal Age - but external powers threaten for the balance of the Great Dance to slip and tumble, casting all the Realms into ruin and death. The Celestial Gods of Magus Realm compete with the Fiendish Circles of Mortis Realm in an arms race of souls, forging them into eternal warriors for the prophecised War to come. Though whispers come from those who claim this is not the first history of the Realms, those who claim a single entity will rise above Light and Dark to claim all of creation with an iron fist; Fear manifest.   The Crown of Thorns has been stolen, an ancient artefact from the First Man which became a symbol of the Holy See whose territories dominate the northern half of the Mortal Realm. Birdmen from the East sent by the new Archmage of Mampang raided the coronation of the King of Analand claiming the Halfling Shires of Shamutanti as his own. The Kush Empire of the South militarise their borders rapidly, forcibly vassilising all smaller independent border states. Some claim their council to be other-Realmly intruders seeking to remove the Mortal Realm from the Great Dance.   The Destiny of the Realms are in flux, and no Oracle or God or Archfey can claim foresight as nightmares continue to consume all. All that can be certain is the Age of Winter draws nearer with every passing day.   -------   Destiny is a hard reboot of my previous "Terralba" worldbuilding better suited for integration into D&D 5e. Very few details have carried over, with this setting arising throughout the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 in a love for Scottish mythology, D&D 5e, and originally a loose adaptation of the Sorcery! series of books and games.   -------   Destiny is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.