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The Battle for Sendoshi

Roughly 300 years before the present time, the tribes of Steppe People established a kingdom based at Lokdoshi in what is now Da Azmi Grissyund Okku (The Great Eastern Steppe Kingdom), united by a powerful chieftan, Ogday Chagan. Ogday was a charismatic leader and a powerful fighter, but not a brilliant strategist. Nevertheless, he vowed to take the rich farmlands and grasslands of the plains of Senyon that the Steppe People had long coveted.   Using swift, light cavalry, Ogday Chagan's armies crossed the border with Senyon. Senyon was completely unprepared, and Ogday's horsemen quickly overwhelmed the Senyon cities of Lokyosa, Okiishi, and Lokminto. With only the sparsely populated farmlands of Senyon before them, the path was open directly to the capital of Senyon, Sendoshi. Fearing for his life, the Emperor of Senyon and his harem fled to Senyosa, leaving defense of his capital to the commander of the weak and unprepared Senyon armies, Yixing-Jiumin Linsen. Knowing he was outmatched militarily and had to rely on superior strategy and tactics, Yixing-Jiumin mustered Senyon's troops within the city walls of Sendoshi, where the mobility of Ogday Chagan's cavalry would be neutralized. He then bribed advisors within Ogday's retinue to convince him to storm the city through a city gate. The guards had been instructed to open that gate with little resistance when threatened. As Ogday's cavalry swept through the open gate, Yixing-Jiumin's troops were waiting with prepared traps and firing points for archers and crossbowmen. The gates were closed behind Ogday Chagan and his army, and despite inflicting serious losses on Yixing-Jiumin's army, the cavalry of Ogday Chagan was utterly destroyed, and he was killed. Yixing-Jiumin was declared a hero of Senyon by the people of Sendoshi, and soon after claimed the imperial throne, demanding that the emperor abdicate for his cowardice. Rather than lose respect and honor from the people of Senyon, the emperor had his harem and empress executed, then he committed suicide. Yixing-Jiumin Linsen had the imperial seals brought to him from Senyosa, and the imperial court acclaimed him as the new emperor of Senyon.

The Conflict


Approximately 16 years prior to the final battle for Sendoshi, Ogday Chagan united the tribes of The Steppe under his banner and established a kingdom at Lokdoshi he called the Great Kingdom of the Steppe (Da Grissyond Okku). He vowed to take the vast, rich farmlands of Senyon and end Senyon's oppression of The Steppe People.


The final and decisive battle for Sendoshi took place within the walls of the city.

The Engagement

In the final battle, Yixing-Jiumin Linsen, commander of Senyon's armies, deceived Ogday Chagan, luring his cavalry into the city where they were mostly neutralized, trapped them inside the city, and destroyed them with archers, crossbowmen, and prepared traps.


With the utter defeat of Ogday Chagan's army in Sendoshi and suicide of the Emperor of Senyon, Yixing-Jiumin Linsen clamed the throne of Senyon, and was acclaimed emperor by the imperial court. The kingdom of the Steppe People at Lokdoshi fell into chaos, eventually splitting into Da Nis Grissyond Okku and Da Azmi Grissyund Okku.


The Yixing-Jiumin family was established on the imperial throne of Senyon, even until now. Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen is currently Emperor of Senyon. His court employs espionage, propaganda, coercion, and when necessary, military power to ensure that The Steppe People never again pose a threat to Senyon. The Steppe People still face disdain, abuse, and discrimination from some of the people of Senyon; though, it is less overt than in the past. The Senyon emperor and his court have taken steps and issued decrees to eliminate unfair trade, and Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen has taken a princess of Da Nis Grissyond Okku, Noble Lady Ailaliuta Sarantuya, as a consort, signaling to the people of Senyon and of the world, that the Steppe People are equal to all others.

Historical Significance

In Literature

The history of The Battle for Sendoshi is recorded, from the Senyon perspective, of course, in The Book of History of the Great Sacred Empire. Other accounts are preserved in the libraries of Lokdoshi and Lyndoshi.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
CR 5565 Masatu Tuntu (5564.2.12) or 8858 AD
Ending Date
CR 5565 Masatu Tunbay (5564.2.18)
Conflict Result
Senyon's armies under Yixing-Jiumin Linsen were victorious. Ogday Chagan was killed and his army utterly destroyed.

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