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The Book of History of the Great Sacred Empire

The Book of History of the Great Sacred Empire is an account of the history of Senyon, the Central Kingdom, known by its inhabitants as Taiko Da Song, the Great Sacred Empire. The book is comprised of over 120 volumes, with each volume describing a period of Senyon's history (typically, the lifetime of a single emperor of Senyon). The first volume begins with an account of The Fall from the Stars, which is generally considered to be a myth. Written in an archaic form of Sudkou, it spins a fantastic tale of humans falling from the stars, arriving on Derkomai in great ships from the heavens. There is no evidence that this myth has any basis in fact, especially since the period of history described in the second volume doesn't begin until about 1200 years after the events of the first volume.   The original version of this book, which is kept in a vault in the Great Palace Library at the Senyon capital, Sendoshi, is very old, but no one knows exactly how old it is. The oldest imperial historians of Sendoshi say that their masters talked of their masters adding volumes to the history. However, there are some gaps in the history recorded in the volumes, some of the volumes have been damaged, obscuring what is written, and the ancient writing style used in the older volumes makes understanding them very difficult.   The imperial historians of Sendoshi continue to add volumes to the Book of History, lending some credence to their assertions that the Book of History is a true account of the entire history of Senyon. On the other hand, the gaps, damage, and ancient writing style in the older volumes make it less credible.
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