Mother Merala is generous. Mother Merala is kind.
Mother Merala is dangerous. Mother Merala is blind.
— Seaman's warning
  A large inland sea, Merala is home to most of the population of Colarwyn. It is surrounded by countries as varied as they are wondrous. A ring of capital cities has formed around Merala, attempting to thrust their power and influence on each other. For centuries these countries have plied Merala’s coastlines with small ships and barges. Lately they have begun to build larger ships and cross her deepest waters.
The eastern portion of Merala contains a set of crashing cliffs that work as a type of doorway. Known as the “Gates of Merala” these cliffs have served to cut Merala off from the open sea and the leviathans created by the Dread God Abominous.


Merala is a salt water ocean.    

Flora & Fauna

There are standard sea creatures and plants for a temperate and semi-tropical zone.    

Natural Resources

The Meralan Kingdoms acquire seafood and salt from Merala.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Central Sea
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