Tangled as the Woven Web

The darkest country one can find that isn't underground.
— Solarian court talk
This merchantile monarchy just north of the Gates of Merala is almost completely covered in a thick, dark forest known as the Darkenwood.
  Within the Darkenwood, giant spiders spin a silk that covers entire copses of trees. The people of Krakhammen live in harmony with these spiders as best they can. They harvest the silk, transporting it to Loom, their capital, where it is processed for trade. They own the majority of the silk trade but compete heavily with worm silk from Labyrus.   Krakhammen is a member of The Compact Against Sorcery.   Their crest shows a black oak on a grey field.  

Public Agenda

To root out sorcery and dark magic and ensure the peace of the realm. To oppose the forces of evil and the spawn of the Dread Lord Abominous.


To be discovered.

Foreign Relations

Member of The Compact Against Sorcery. Outspoken critic of Kulai.


Small, primarily infantry with a small contingent of light cavalry. It owns a few small fighting ships armed with ballistae to help trade ships in trouble.

Agriculture & Industry

Various cloths made of giant spider silk.


Spider silk.


All religions are welcome except those that promote sorcery or dark magic.

Demography & Population

  • Humans 75%
  • Elves 20%
  • Other 5%

Technological Level

Average. Krakhammen invented the loom, and are the masters of silk production anywhere.

Trade & Transport

Krakhammen owns several royal merchant ships that ply the Meralan sea trading silk with the various countries.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
Spider silk, darkwood
Major Imports
Iron, steel
Judicial Body
The High Triumvirate
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

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