Foreseen is Forearmed

A useless chunk of hilly land, suited more for goats and hawks than people.
— Minot the 11th, King of Tauranos

Watcher of the seas

This hilly country is short on natural resources, but its terrain makes it difficult to conquer. A nearly uninfluential monarchy in the region, Dundar survived primarily because of its willingness to erect towers to watch the sea for aquatic Beazts sent by Abominous.
  Needing a way to inform the Meralan countries if one got through the Gates of Merala, they began to use a courier system. They first used Winnow but soon learned to train homing pigeons for the task. Known as “Dundarian Doves” these pigeons are now vital to the Meralan Kingdoms. With the combination of Doves and Winnows, Dundar can communicate with even the most distant monarchy in mere days. This has led Dundar to become a hub of information in the Meralan Kingdoms, a position it has leveraged to great effect.  
The only southern monarchy that participates in The Compact Against Sorcery, its diplomats are almost as revered as its spies.
  Dundar's crest is a white dove holding a feathered quill in its beak on a field of blue.  

Public Agenda

To advise the Meralan countries if any Beazts make it through the Gates of Merala. To stamp out sorcery and dark magic wherever it is found.


To be discovered.

Foreign Relations

Daunt is a member of The Compact Against Sorcery, an outspoken critic of Kulai and an outspoken supporter of Krendor.


Although their military is tiny, Dundarian Pikemen are famous in the region for being extremely effective and 100% volunteer.

Agriculture & Industry

Small hilly farms barely produce enough food for the people.


Dundar's greatest asset is information.


All religions are welcome except those that promote sorcery or dark magic.


Daunt has the only mandatory reading program in the Meralan Monarchies. Children are forced to go to school 1 day per week until they show the ability to read Common and 1 other language of their choice.

Technological Level


Trade & Transport

Dundar trades information through Winnow messengers and their famous Dundarian Doves.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
Major Imports
Foodstuffs, silk, information
Judicial Body
The High Triumvirate
Official Languages
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